What is the next event?

What is the next event going to be?

My Spidey senses are pointing to a rough rock em sock em style PvP event, one where gladiators thrive and others perish down in the pits…


Personally, I would like to be feeding event. But I also like a PvP event.


Like I said a week ago:

Bookmark this and check it for yourself later today. It shall be announced in approximately 5 hours.



Thank you.

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Fight pits is next :roll_eyes:

I hate this event with a passion. ugh. Hopefully we never see this event again after this coliseum season is gone. Fight Pits needs to go with the winter divine dragons. I can see spring :eyes: :sunflower: :sun_with_face:


You know what’s the best part of the Fight Pits?

When it’s over.


Why the hate for it? It’s been run a total of 1 time and there have been changes made to it already to better suit player needs.

I think instead of brushing it off you should give it a second chance before you decide you hate it so much.

This event is way better than capture the flag. It’s basic a mini version of it, where you are more focused on teams right around your winning ratio so the top teams cant come and wipe you.


My last experience with it was terrible Mech :disappointed: It was just another out-coin the next team you have a few people steady winning points then last 5 min was a race. it was exhausting. I hope they made some changes. by the end noone was using regular attacks numbers didn’t move much for the whole event until the end.

100% True. I don’t wanna repeat tapping on the screen over and over and over just to get some cheap achievements.

I’m hoping for a feeding event. ANyone got an idea when the next feeding willl be?

It is Fight Pits @Theplaya22


Most likely next season

Ok thanks


Related to next event, how will mega attack be restricted? Is it only available a certain times each round, or it can’t be used for a while before the end of each round?

So I was just told that there is a cool down period so people can’t spam mega coins.I’m excited to see how this works


That is promising. Hope it helps