What IS the order of events?

So I searched in the forums, but most of these were 1 year ago. The newest one or the most accurate one didn’t really have a clear answer because I’m new so I don’t know what a Feeding event is.

If I get my answer, this topic can be closed.

The last feeding a long, long time ago. It feels like it’s been years …
So, don‘t bother with any description, where feeding is named.

At the moment the order of events is:


And then the cycle starts again.

If you‘re puzzling, which pvp comes next.
Well, that is also a speculation. It is never the last pvp-event. And most often the event, that‘s a little bit longer ago.
So next pvp won‘t be temple raid, all others are speculation.


There is an order to the PvP so if I remember it will be gauntlet.

@moderators close this topic

Closed at OP’s request.