What is the recommended level for joining an atlas team?

I know that some atlas teams are very high level, and if I join a team that has atlas I don’t want to not be able to do anything.

If a team with a access to Atlas will accept you, then you are high enough to participate.

At this point (I don’t have access to Atlas) I’d think everyone unless bound by team loyalty should jump at an opportunity to get into Atlas (unless they also just aren’t interested whatsoever). Too many benefits.

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I am sorry I can’t tell you a specific Level. But I can say, that ATLAS is a Team game. So no mather which Level you are, you need a team with great officers and leader. In my opinion there is only one way to enjoy ATLAS. Your team must be organized, otherwise you will have no chance. The officers are working all the day to find enemies to attack, to communicate with alliance team, to keep an eye on infrastructure (bank etc.)

If you find a team like this, believe me you will learn a lot from them. There are lot of Topics about ATLAS you can read if you join a team with Atlas. You can also follow @TheRedDelilah on twitch, and watch her :slight_smile:

I also think thats the reason why atlas gets rolled out from Diamond. Because I never saw that much organized Teams in lower leagues like plat 2 or bellow. You really need rules, and officers you can trust, etc.


And this is why I’m not looking forward to Atlas.

I enjoy my life outside of gaming way more than I do in gaming…But I understand everyone has different priorities in life. No judgment.


I honestly struggled a LOT our first two weeks in Atlas. As a team leader that has so much pride in organization, I was approaching burnout faster than I could down a mimosa. Atlas taught me to delegate more and let go to people I trust (we have a dozen members in a “Think Tank” that run our Atlas) and the importance of working cooperatively with like minded teams.

Atlas actually has me super relaxed as a leader for the first time in a long, long time.


In my opinion it depends on what you and your team want to get out of atlas. I see immediate advantages for all sizes, but you will have trouble finding a team to accept small players.

Many aspects of full atlas are unforgiving to small players. (Think under 200)

But even a new account can benefit from atlas and I would recommend they do if they can.

Many atlas teams have very stringent requirements as a successful atlas team needs to be fairly involved as a team, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a team who allow smaller players in atlas or who aren’t playing competitively in atlas.

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