What is this expediteconsumable1a

if someone can tell me what is this type of timer expediteConsumablea1 that i get sometimes in bronze cheats what does it do and how to us it ?

Use the search function pls

if u do a search for expediteConsumablea1 u only get this post


from your reply i must have said something stupid it happens to me somtimes

I prefer to teach people how to fish than give them fish


you get a search result in this forum i dont for some reason

Look closer at my search term

Alternatively you can just search for expediteconsumable

expediteconsumable worked thanks

:+1: good

Sometimes when searching especially floating searches (ie: “contains”) less is more. “Expedite” by itself would give even more. Typically best practice is to start with a more global search then narrow it down. Obviously it should be a key topic and don’t use common words like “the” or something.

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