What is this madness?

This is not a message against any team. It is a comment on how the game functions. We had a sniper from a top ranked atlas team. I searched for the team in the team hut and got a message that no teams exist with that name. A friend did the same search and got the same result. They didn’t have an atypical name. I have screen shots. Why does the game return “No teams found,” when the team definitely exists, is a top 20 atlas team and I copied the name from my castle alerts? I tried submitting a ticket but it wouldn’t let me attach my screenshots. I kinda feel the game is still broken.

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You’ve probably typed the name wrong. Zero and O, i and L, etc.

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Most likely one or more of the letters in the name is a fakeout. A capital i instead of a lowercase L, a zero instead of an O

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Not trying to call anyone out. But is it Strikers? This team hasnt been been searchable for a very long time. For some reason it just dorsnt come up



I didn’t mistype it.

Game is broken obviously.

Yep that or for some reason it’s not searchable I call it witchcraft though instead of fishy conspiracy right now. Tried typing it in search engine and for some reason the algorithm doesn’t work with what I typed and something is wrong with the coding or simply put the search engine is confused.

Click on Advanced in the search. Select Diamond teams and make sure you keep the checkboxes for full teams and teams you can’t join checked. Browse the list and you will see them come up in the results.


I’ve logged several tickets. It limits our recruiting, but PG can’t fix it, :woman_shrugging:


Thanks but it shouldn’t have to be that way. It’s not like our name is complex.


Maybe if it gets escalated to PGJared? He is someone that gets stuff done fast!

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