What is Troop Retraining

I was reviving troops at 8000 troops/9 hours time and suddenly I got an 8000 troops/38 hours time for considerably more diamonds than I expected, but troops were dying and prims were reviving and I was just trying to keep my troop revivals below max so I kept hitting “yes”. Anyway, I saw that 38 hours and sent in a ticket, and I was told that the troops were in “retraining” not “revival” and that retraining took a lot longer. What is retraining, and how do I avoid choosing it ever again?

Here is a screen shot of the explanation…

I hope I got this right , you went and tried to build 8000 new troops ? Cause if that is the case support seems to be correct .

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… ticket complaint says “revive”… What is retraining?

We can retrain our troops not to die :scream:

Yeah, you’re just training new troops instead of reviving.

Looking at duration, you’ve just started training of new troops. No idea why support is calling this as “re-training”. It just normal troops training.

Obviously I need to be more careful when I’m smacking the revive button. I must’ve hit the train troops one instead. Bummer

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