What is up with the horrible event glyphs lately?


Is there seriously a ballista glyph in the prizes this week or have I gone blind? The last several events have had some of the most useless glyphs ever. Previously a rejuvenate glyph, archer and cannon towers and now one for ballistas… really? Werent they supposed to be looking into improving these?



People have done too much complaining about not getting enough rune dust.


Interestingly enough I don’t know if there was an improvement in silver chest drops but I just got two epic hunter attacks and a mythic HUNTER HP out of forty silver chests! Too low of a sample size to draw a conclusion, but interesting nonetheless.


Blame RNG.

I hear PG’s pulling a ball out of a pool in their office whenever they have to decide what kinda glyph to put as the reward for each event. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


What whaaaaat… from my 40 silver


Also yeah, wtf is with this glyph but not because i dont want it, i want it TO WORK. Poison does not damage and neither enervating nor weakening worked before they broke it even more so this is reaching me on another level right now. Years now i defended Ballistas… years.


But, but, but…

I don’t want them. :sob:


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Legendary This Tower is useless in the game and no one told you until you made 7 of them and ended up being level 40 so either start a new account or repair your base for the next year Glyph.
Seriously though is there anyone out there with a lvl 75 ballista tower that can say whether or not it is a truly bad or truly good Tower?


Humanity invented math so we don’t have to try everything before we know if it will work…


Its just a standard non elemental tower that deals damage at a different rate than the others but is currently broken. Poison is not delivering damage like it should and not to mention dragon is supposed to take increased dmg from weakening + lower dragons attack from enervating. With research you will have both of those as well as around a 15 second duration for the poison to last. People think it sucks because of its low stats and slow attack rate but x15 stacking on a dragon can be a problem.

Just too bad they broke poison even worse than what it already was when they released the spell update.


…and it continues:

Didn’t they used to put dragon glyphs in PvP events? And who wants an Ice Flak glyph anyway? Seems to me that people wouldn’t want to waste a glyph slot on the flak with the lowest amount of damage.


If only the Ice Flak glyph extended the duration of spell disabling… then it would be popular :upside_down_face:


Definitely not motivation to push harder in any of the events. What a waste, especially for a pvp glyph


Is it my memory thats wrong or have they moved the glyph to after the 500 sigil.’
Was it not before the 500 sigil before?

If they have moved it I think it sucks. Money grabbing.


I like it…

Isnt there a Mythic one in top prize? Is it Mythic Ice Flak Frenzy?


You also like weakening runes.

Doesn’t give us much to go off of to be honest


Incorrect, i like the ability itself(if working) but not the rune as it does not work… why would i like a broken rune, thats just silly.


Ok, so there’s one person who likes Ice Flak runes/glyphs. There’s always one.