What is up with the level locks PG?!?

This question is for PG. Why are there so many level locks for lv400+? I was able to breed two Abyssal tier dragons at lv430. But, I’m not allowed to incubate them until lv435. I finally hit lv435 last fort event and I hatched my abyssal dragons. However, they cannot be leveled past empyrean strength until lv442. I also cannot use my abyssal evolve stones on my divine dragons until lv442. Why? What’s the point of breeding a stronger dragon when you cannot even level them sufficiently? Why be allowed to breed a dragon but then not be allowed to incubate it? Why block evolution stones based on profile level? Shouldn’t evolve stones be based on what dragon tier you’re in? None of this makes sense to me. Why prohibit player growth and progression? It makes the game super slow and boring once you hit lv400. Can PG please explain the reasoning behind this?


Base v.s. Dragon balance.


Let’s say your level 442 base is worth $3000, they don’t want your dragons walking all over someone who has a level 600 base they spent $50,000 on.

That’s why.

And I sort of agree.


I spent $200 for only two levels last fort event just so I could finally incubate my abyssal drags. Kinda seems like they just want money. It just encourages crazy spending. No reward for the actual work it took to get the dragons. Like, I guess I could unlock that…if I spend $700. Or just wait two more months to level. Only thing I see balanced there is their checkbooks :woman_shrugging:t2:


What else do they need from you guys who spend? :man_shrugging:

Friendly advise. Dont spend anymore. And enjoy the game. You can still be competitive without spending. Still your choice.


I agree with you and I normally don’t spend besides elite and atlas elite.
But it’s difficult to enjoy the game with almost zero progression for 6 months. Becoming very very boring.


U can still do other exciting outside the game though. Just saying.

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You all terrify me with these numbers. I bought Elite and Atlas Elite. The idea of spending $1,000+ seems so completely weird to me. Does PG send you cookies when you do that?


I cant get out of level 61 for weeks. What the heck ??

In a other account of course … but really.

You might have used tower transformation a bit too much? So you have an “exp debt”?


Mama! Been a while :hugs: I know your feelings well, I am in the same predicament where almost everything is level locked after the last two hundred odd levels where I was only ever builder hut locked. I understand the cadence devs are going for but also can’t help but feel a hollow satisfaction in grinding to get these hard levels after 400 for such a minimal return.

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Well if you had namaka and meg you could have used abyssal stone at 436.
I’m 435 myself and pushed myself to get there last fortification but I knew that I wont be able to use stones on current abyssal dragons I really recommend u using info site before u decide to spend the information about level capping is out there. You should plan ahead and you won’t be surprised by pg different changes.

Why “plan ahead” when you can either “buy it out” and when it is already too expensive, “complain” about it. :man_facepalming:

Where do I find that information? I’m only lvl 50 and don’t plan to spend money for a game that I can use to improve my real life.


There is a subsection in this forum that talks about “Guides and Resources”. Skim through it and you will find what you are looking for.

I have been playing for a few years now and in my experience planning ahead is one of the most important parts of the game and I never had to buy packs to do it.

At the end of the day it’s a competition between two or more people.

The level locks loosely ensure competition within a band of similarly leveled players.

It’s possible there is a more player friendly way to do this, but without it you might find empyrean towers (on players of similar level to your own) needing to be defeated by players with only obsidian dragons. That’s not fun or fair.

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Level locks were added to the game after the whales complained and had there egos busted by players that put in hard work. There shouldn’t be a cap where if you can breed a certain level dragon that you then need to reach another level to hatch it. The cap should be placed at the point where tiers can’t be bred until you reach a certain level. At the moment it’s a bit like putting the cart in front of the horse.


Ok if we go with this idea then anyone at that level should also be fair game in Atlas and for rss. If you can have the most powerful dragons at maxed level there should be NO breaks cut for you no penalty for upper levels hitting you on any island. Is that what you want? I love the whale bashing …who do you think pays for the game ? Do you think it will survive without people who spend weekly on it ?