What is your daily offer?


What kind of offer do you receive? Here’s mine for a start. :roll_eyes:

5x 140k potion
2x 26k food pack

Food for thought!
Food for thought!


Well hell. Mine’s loads different

I’m Elite only, for what it’s worth.




I was really hoping these daily offers would make up for the fact that they’ve been ripping people off by offering special prices to a select few, but this just makes me even more mad. Already someone posted a screenshot where they are being offered the same amount of rubies for half the price. I’m never spending on this game again.




What the hell, PG?

At least try to sell me something I need. :rofl:


Not that great for me, I only care about rubies. I think the every one of these should contain AT LEAST the base amount you’d get in the regular $10, plus the extra goodies, or else what’s the point?


Considering that the 30 gold chests there are worth an additional 30k12k rubies if you bought them with rubies, I don’t think you are seeing the value of that pack there. Add to that those energy packs and inner fire and I think it is a better offer than what they currently have available for the standard pvp packs.


I’m a non-spender.


Lol wow ok


I can see you got a great one there, but sadly I can’t read it that small. :frowning:




Thanks, interesting pack.


What I’ve always wanted :joy::rofl:


ba ha ha PG



30 gold chests would only cost 12k rubies.


Meh. Not even worth it. Hopefully it gets better.


Hold on guys! Mine is the best!
I think I’m a complete idiot in their opinion,since I supposed to buy THIS for 99$


I think all our special offers are broke. Y’all need to take this mess back to the drawing board. :rofl::rofl::rofl: