What is your daily offer?


All my packs are missing including the regular packs :man_shrugging:




All my packs are missing including the regular packs

Welcome to the world of reinstalling the game


No change since launch same thing over and over
Guess if you don’t buy it they keep shoving it in your face?


55 euro for a pack that is even worse then a regular One? I am offended by the offer…



I wake up to this, and PG isn’t going to address the 300 wall until we all quit. This just makes me sad lol. Even a “fairly drastic” change to PG still doesn’t include progression or balance other than a “we’re talking about it”.


Day 3
Nothing has changed
Pg is still f***ing trash




Here’s what mine looks today :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Do you think they actually tweaked something, because that’s way more interesting than 99% of the offers in this thread :exploding_head:

I mean it’s only 2k tokens more than a regular pack of the same price, but with more desirable items than what’s offered atm…


Well then your team is the 1919 White Sox.


Dafuq is that :scream:


Here we are. $50 for less than 1 player level if you are 300 plus. Lol. Less that even 1 tower upgrade in lumber. What a joke.



drastic change much


If that had 35K rubies rather than just 10k that would be getting close to 300+ player level value I think. Brain to tired to do full value calculation. Assuming everything else stayed in.


Just got that one also. Although with currency it is $159.99 AUSTRALIAn.
I don’t see value there as you are saying it is worth $640 for that pack as it is 75%discount.

This makes little sense to me as I can’t buy all the products separately and directly so I have no $$ value for them
For me discount would be the extreme value pack offered at 75% so the regular $160 pack being offered at $40


getting better, but not good enough (yet) .

  • Which is sad because that’s 10k Embers & rubies for $100.
    That offer only gives $1 = 100 Rubies and 100 embers.

For reference that equals:

  • $5 = 500 embers & rubies
  • $10 = 1000 embers & rubies
  • $20 = 2000 embers & rubies
  • $50 = 5000 embers & rubies


That with more rubies and say 10k Pearls would be worth it


I know I probably won’t get it but I want 50k rubies which is 500 rubies per $1but the 10k black pearls would be a nice bonus.