What is your daily offer?


Could be wrong idk but it seems to me the offers are based off of how you spend?
Non spenders get very nice offers while some other who do spend get shit packs that maybe are discounted but stuff nobody wants!

If this is true it’s a terrible idea but it really wouldn’t surprise me just another great idea :roll_eyes:

While Jared’s post the other day sounded nice, makes you think of stuff like this!
Just by saying “We are going be releasing daily offers in the store with HUGE discounts” The
Offers cannot just be useless items with no real value and all the decent ones going to non spenders or it still doesn’t matter lol

Wouldn’t be surprised to see this gone after awhile if it doesn’t do good enough! And just be another addition to the game that could have been a good one but failed like the daily shop, level up rewards, etc.


That pack is supposedly 71% off wow!
That pack might be ok at $20-$30 not $99 lol
But packs will never be priced at decent value because people will continue buying the ones with little to no value.
Atleast you still get 100 black pearls and a little tune dust :man_facepalming:

With the embers you could level up 2 level 50 flaks but not enough timers and rubies combined would even be enough to speed up the builds :joy:


I know, it’s at a horrible rate. You would think a hundred could get you a few dragons but nope more like 400-800 :joy: at least with these offers


Maybe its just me but, I haven’t seen a good offer yet. 200-500 rubies per $1 is not a deal in my opinion.


Well, as already said, the packs aren’t great for their value.
I just got the same one two days in a row though. That seems to be not intended to happen


I know this is off topic but did pg release a message about curse words in castle names? If so could someone link it so I can read it…


Level 25, spent about $35 so far just on Elite and Ember’s stones and don’t plan to spend any more than that. If I do it would be for Elite.


Virtual currency has no intrinsic value. This is like when MickyD’s loads three items into a “value” meal, but the total cost of each item individually is actually less. The only difference is that since they have placed no dollar value on the items they put in the pack (other than rubies) they can say they are worth whatever they want.




The regular spender likely has plenty of the followong:
dragon atk
Dragon hp
Tower atk
Tower hp
Dragon spells

This list is just me as a regular spender. I understand others may need these items.

The things I spend for are mainly ruby’s during certain events to get:
Egg token
Mystic frags
IF and energy in PvP
TIMERS because I am over 300.
I’ll mention ruby’s although it could be assumed because I said I buy ruby’s

In my opinion, if you want the regular spenders to step up to these deals then these are the focus items. There is a reason people like PvP in first of a season to open their gold chests and spend ruby’s. Its because those are the focus items in PvP drops. I have maybe 10k healing potions, probably the same in atk and hp boosts. Hundreds of thousands of embers and shards. More pearls than I’ll ever use.

Will the system eventually recognize that I am stacked with all these items and stop offering them to me? I have not gotten an offer even remote to what I would want or need.

This all started because of the special packs that were offered to some. Would not the smart thing to do to boost sales be to just release those packs to everyone?


I’ve bought annual atlas elite once about 9 months ago…this is not a very nice offer…


enough with these daily bullshit offers. Just give to all of us the special packs :santa:


Woohoo! What a steal! /s


If this pack were $20.00. I would purchase it. The only things of value in this pack are the rubies and eggtokens.


The rest is just there to make it seem like ur getting a lot of shit for the amount ur spending when really it’s not even worth that price. It’s like buying a small gift and putting it in a big bag and filling the rest of the bag with wrapping paper. “Fluffing “ up the pack to make it seem like it’s more then what it actually is. Come on pg, we are smarter then this…


And suddenly I remembered something from my childhood… There was this old guy in the telly, selling amazing products:

One all purpose knife, which now you can buy for fortune! But as a limited offer (countdown on screen) you get totally free a chopboard, a sharpener, a magnetic knife holder, another knife, 6 steak knives, a bread cutter, a cheese knife, a FREE manual, and the only thing we haven’t mentioned: this comes with FREE packaging!!!

Who could miss such a great deal? :joy:

Enough of nostalgic giggles, it’s time to fly! The hairless bunny returned to his game.


What about this one?


Same as mine. Actually considering this one. Would prefer a few more rubyies but the sigils do add some value.


If it were the normal 35k rubies I wouldn’t even think about it. Would be bought before I posted this.


Same for me…