What is your daily offer?


It seems as if the “logic” behind the offers IS working, mine is showing me an offer for things I have used ingame within the last few days.

However, some of those things need to be removed from the formula, like silver chests, tower boosts, dragon boosts, etc. I’d almost buy the one it is currently showing me, if not for the 30 silver chests…


Agreed on the removals. I’ve been offered dragon and tower boosts at a pretty rediculous rate.


If I didn’t actually want to play, I’d try to nudge the Daily Offer into showing me exactly what I want…which is rune dust, egg tokens, rubies, sigils, and gold chests.

But I want to play the game, which means using various other consumables throughout the day…which screws me on the Daily Offer :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Day 3

Day 4


So far my prediction is holding true. They are just flooding us with horrible offers so that when a “slightly better than the previously normal” offer comes along we will gratefully pounce on it.

We are all currently getting our expectations adjusted, friends.


Mine is an insult after seeing yours. What day is that offer?
Yours isn’t that bad, maybe hold out one more day to get rubies increased.

Here mine

Day 4


One of my teammate got 50 energy packs, 20k rubies, 30 gold, 50 bronze, 10 silver and 50 inner fire for 109,99€ or ~$125


My is today.


It looks to me like some of the chests simply need ruby value adjusted to make people somewhat happier about them. The one you just posted would look OK with the normal 35k ruby count. After seeing what pg was offering to the “select groups” the other players are wanting to see that value in their packs now. Most of that value is placed on ruby count from what I can see, and the players aren’t buying the high value placed on the other items.


What was your offer?


It’s posted up a few comments. Not a bad offer really. Just needs more rubies imo


If sigils was the main I’d consider buying my first $50 or $100 pack just to get next wave


Yeah 2k sigils and 20k rubies. Needs more rubies I agree


Yes. I do think this sigils add value. That being said, they could fool my eyes by cutting the sigils in half and adding 15k rubies. I likely wouldn’t make those 1k sigils up in my chest drops but would see an increase in those drops on things I really need like timers.


I have hundreds/thousands of these items. And since I don’t spend the theory of non-spenders getting the food packs is total garbage. This is day 4 :see_no_evil:


Wow special offer suddenly there


what y’all think? Should I get it?


This isn’t hard to figure out.

  • 50k rubies
  • 20 gold chest


  • 50 days expedites


  • 50 Inner Fire, 30 energy packs


  • 10k Elemental Embers (should also merge fire/ice/embers into one currency)


  • 10k egg tokens

For the $100 USD price point.

You could also toss in some xp potions, xp boosts, heal pots, wood/food packs, etc. to sweeten the deal since nobody will pay for them.

If this were the case, I’d be a spender. As it stands, I haven’t bought anything except atlas elite for over a year. These “offers” certainly won’t change that.


I haven’t even bothered to check my daily offers :woman_shrugging:


The offers arent getting better the code is headed in the wrong direction yesterday was better than today