What is your daily offer?


You aren’t missing anything.

I only check to see if the special 50k ruby pack is there.


Still no from my side.


That’s what I was offered today. Although it’s tempting, I would prefer more ruby’s. To me, the kingdom pack is more tempting due to the ruby count. If kingdom had 50k ruby’s like special offer I would definitely buy.

Come on pg. Bring the special offer out to all. The 99.99 with 50k ruby, 10k tokens, timers, etc… as posted above. I’ll buy it right now. You want to increase sales, just do it already.


5x Mystic Fragments
5x Gold Chests
5x Bronze Chests
500x WJ sigils

drums please!

For only £17.99

Thanks, I’ll pass.


After 5 days of me ignoring packs they stopped popping up in my store at all :see_no_evil:


Hey, I quit getting them too. Maybe they pulled them and forgot to tell us? :thinking:


Hahaha the results were probably so phenomenally bad that they had to make some changes.




Oh dang. I was gonna buy one today, too. /s


Hopefully they are all being adjusted to the deals only certain people were getting like the 50k rubies, 10k tokens, timers…


I hope not! That might motivate me to spend money!


It is literally the only thing that will stop me from deleting this game. Equal packs to all.


I was being sarcastic.


I know lol


Five 50k rubies packs available for me. But I’m broke now :joy:


While the concept of the offer is appreciated, my offers have been underwhelming to say the least. My offers have been very poor and far worse than the packs already offered.

I’m patiently waiting for a reasonable offer.

It also annoys me that it can’t seem to offer things I actually need. The algorithm developers really need to reboot this because I can’t fathom what data they are using to generate these offers.

Machine learning is pretty useless unless the humans who code it know something about the problem and data.


Oh nope, they are back but same as before…


Yes mine are gone too … not that I’ll miss them.

Perhaps they should ask us what we need instead of this.


Daily offer on the day that I need 30k tokens to breed my next drag…


Kingdom pack would do it. Plus more sigils and other items like timers. 49 chest yielded me 23 k tokens plus frags. Figure 80 gold chests for 32k rubies anf much more than 500 sigils.