What is your daily offer?


now I’m impressed, lol


I had one so good I actually bought it, 2k sigils, 20k rubies, 20 gold chests, 20 IF, 20 energy packs


I have mostly had crap that just made me laugh. This one is actually…not the worst. But…it’s not 15k rubies for $20 either (which is one of the offers from the special packs that I have received before).


Day 5


mine was better it had 5xhammers🤪


I declined the offer and spent that money on hash…


No offers today on either account…anyone else? Not that I bought any of them, they were garbage


I still have em. What if they removed it from all the players who complained about it here?
There where quite a few saying
“I wish i didnt see it”
“its an insult to even be offered these”


I think they suck but haven’t made an issue of it here cause what’s the point? Also my alt doesn’t come on forums so :woman_shrugging: weird


I have only recieved a few “offers” and those were… from useless to getting half value of the normal $99,99 pack.
It is quite easy actually.
5000 rubies are worth 1100 sigils.
10 gold chests are worth 4000 rubies.
10 gold chests are worth:
4000 tokens, 220 sigils, around 15days of speedups and more assorted goods that don’t really matter.

So… ANY package that gives less than 35000 rubies and 25 gold chests or equal value for more than $99,99 is useless. And this is easily dividable. So 17500 and 18 gold chests for $50 etc.
Anything and everything that is not gold chest, ruby, sigil, breeding token or timers has zero value. Maybe hammers have some value. But not in my book.
Given it is a one time limited offer, it has to have more value than the regular packs.
And the pack I am assessing from is 35k rubies, 25 gold chests and 1250 Breeding tokens. The only current package that I ever would concider buying.


Probably just them fixing it. Maybe all the ones who pay money will get better offers?

I still haven’t got 500rubies/$1.

I know i won’t get what i requested. I said id buy value packs or special offers every month if they changed rubie value in packs from 250-350rubies per dollar to: 1000rubies/$1
So id buy a $20 pack if it contained 20k rubies.
Seems others are fine with
$100 = 50k rubies.


Not so much fine with it as it’s an improvement… and sub 300 that’s actually not bad at all it’s oncd you’re over 300 that it gets you nowhere


I guess i can imagine 35k rubies might help with super sigils. Not sure with how much, its like every 6k rubies = 1-2k sigils? More like 1k right?
I havent gotten value packs.
But ive opened gold chests and basically got fire shards, egg tokens, tower and dragon boosts like 10/1 embers.
For some reason i can open 100 gold chests and only get a couple embers/pearls and tons of crap i dont need.

So its hard for me to justify investing in value packs when the value is so incredibly low and the take a chance with Chests factor.

If they increased value of $20 packs to include:

  • 10k rubies
  • 5k embers
  • 15k tokens

Id be much more likely to bite. Hope thet do this with special offers soon:


Not sure why we are all continuing this post. Nothing has changed since the value packs started. Haven’t seen a single instance of one better than what is already there every day and most are half the value or less of those packs. This after PG gave select customers amazing packs with 50k rubies and much more for $100. These value packs were supposedly coming and responding to that poor customer support….

We can probably abandon this one as it is appears it is just being completely Ignored.


Im not too worried, its just an offer, i wont waist money on bad offers, so it can’t hurt me too much, i have nothing else to do and can wait for them to improve.
Id like to keep seeing others offers to know if someone gets more than 500 rubies per $1 (50k = $100)

So far my special offers above are far better than daily.


Got the only offer with useful stuff today. Granted I still wouldn’t waste the money on it but it is better than previous days.


does this mean anything now?




Mine was $1.39 cad

10 fire shards
10 ice shards
5 x 15 minute speedup
5 x 1 hour speedup
26k wood pack

I’d need 228 of these for one tower upgrade… that’s $317 for one tower upgrade… wth


Daily offers aren’t getting any better as the day goes by. Does anybody here receive any “good deal” or an actual good offer?