What is your daily offer?


To me this one seems decent


Do I even need to say anything?


err, where do I get that special offer? Hopefully not Photoshop?


I am offered daily, the opportunity to open my eyes to the distorted ‘value’ PG offers it’s players. The orientations may be different, but the outcome is the same.


Jealous dude. All mine have been useless if not inflated. No good daily deals for me :sob: wish there was a way to downvote certain things (like 25% boosts hellooo) or upvote others so the packs could be more useful…


It would be great if they listed every item, and then you checked a box next to the items you needed. No one needs fire and ice shards! They need to just convert those to embers already.


Customizable packs based on a set realistic value for each item makes the most sense to me. No hocus pocus, just here are the items we offer and this is their value… go nuts.


Sorry is that USD? That’s a HORRIBLE deal. Hope you didn’t buy it (maybe not since you said you’re a job-spender :smiley:).


Same offer as post 422 but for 49.98 more. Hopefully that’s not dollars

Edit US dollars.

Maybe HK dollars if they still exist?


Of no interest at all and not even close to what I may consider spending on.

I get offers for stuff I have 1,000’s of and at prices I consider to be to ludicrous to even consider.

You don’t even come close to tailoring an offer to me that would have me even thinking about.

You need to have more gold chests and more rubies and at a price that is too good to miss, not at a price that feels like my wallet is being abused without any lube.

At 1/10th the price for 10x the amount and I would still feel it’s a ripoff


8k rubies worth of gold chests for 100 dollars? Are you fucking kidding? Haven’t bought one pack since these came live and they’re literally getting worse lol

Edit: This is actually insulting. That you think your players want 20 chests, some food/wood/xp AND WANT TO CHARGE THEM $100 US. someone actually typed this into their computer, someone else approved this for a “deal” and then it gets sent to me… are you out of your mind? They aren’t listening to a word we’re saying here. Not sure why I thought they would…


PG IS OUT OF THEIR MIND IF THIS IS A GOOD OFFER! I’ve never bought a pack and this sure as hell won’t get me to start :joy::rofl:


I would buy it, 3 if I could


Why would I spend $100 for 10k rubies when I could spend $20 for 15k rubies or $100 for 35k?? There is ZERO value in that daily pack “geared towards what I need”. Good thing I won’t buy no matter what :man_shrugging:t2:


hahaha! Here’s something worthwhile! I’m gonna disappoint everyone and get it!


You are still better off with a normal 35k ruby pack though.


This was a sarcastic comment right ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@PGJared It has been almost a week but the daily offers seems to in rotational basis and revolving around the same packs among us rather than improving the packs and providing what we really need. Any idea on this?


Best one I’ve seen yet


same one I got today… but still not anywhere near the 15k rubies for 20 bucks :angry: