What is your daily offer?





It will get better eventually right?


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don’t think this counts, does it?



Yes…this is what we want.

I don’t need a different offer everyday. We’re wasting computing time and processing power on this silly algorithm thing. Just give me a permanent $20 for 15K rubies offer, and watch me talk myself into it every week.


Hell yes some of these I would get more often then not


Today’s is cute. 300 rubies and s bronze chest for a buck


damn i got the 15k rubies offer for a day and now it gone from my store. what are PG thinking.




pretty determined to sell this to me, I got this 2 or 3 days in a row now


Resist! Be strong! I know you can do it!


none of this daily offer can beat the special offer pack. 15k rubies, 6 gold chest plus some other goodie for 19.99$.


I have been getting the same pack for few days in a row as well!


Still waiting to be offered Lee1230’s pack lol


My daily offers have been underwhelming. Not only have they been worse value than the regular packs, but they keep offering things I clearly don’t need. I mean how many XP portions and trebuchet resists can make up for a lack of rubies :woman_facepalming:t4:


Yep. Just repeats now of inner fire that I’m not buying. Nope. I need 48K egg tokens packs. Where are they?


You can get 24 of these :joy::rofl:


3 or 4 days in row now :expressionless:


Yea I think it is safe to say their learning algorithms aren’t very good. They would do better just to ask us what we need.

Lol not that we would get what we need … but you never know