What is your daily offer?


I’m starting to think that the “learning algorithm” is someone that changes the offers every day and forgot to put some automation for the holidays /s


Hmm … maybe we can call it an “unlearning” algorithm. We can throw in other words make it sound technical …

ArtificIal Unlearning Algorithm (AUA)

Doubtful Unlearning Intelligence (DUI)

Anti-Useful Intelligence (AUI)

Just saying …


My daily offer hasn’t changed since I bought one last week. I want new options


daily offer is good but surely getting a chance to buy the special offer of 15000 rubies, 6 gold chests + other items, which is still being offered at a brilliant price would better for everyone, not just a select few. Now that would definitely make me smile


See this is another issue. I can understand PG trying to entice people to spend. But offering better packs to select people irritates everyone.

I had some special offers … not very good … then they disappeared. In one of my special offers I was offered a bunch of war cry spells and in another trebuchet resists. Not very useful and not worthy of $$$.


Same. Mine has not changed in at least 4 or 5 days now. Stuck on inner fire.


Sadly this is the best offer I’ve gotten (other than the special 15k rubies for $20 I was offered once). These are almost all items I could actually use, however they’re offered in such miniscule amounts that it is worthless to me. Why would I pay $10 to get me no progress at all, when I can pay $5 and get a week of atlas elite? It’s obvious the finance department is running the game, and it seems that they don’t understand the game at all.


Well, the algorithm doesn’t work unless people buy the daily offers, and with the day offers being so bad and overpriced, there is no way anyone buys them to train the program to offer the items they are more likely to buy. The general idea is OK, but the value clearly isn’t there. The bonus packs to few are just a slap in the face to everyone else. I don’t understand how pg doesn’t get this


Hard to tell how the algorithm works without knowing the algorithm. But “not buying” should be one of the inputs, increasing basically the rubies per dollar conversion until the targetted user start buying. But looks like the rubies per dollar conversion is fixed, and the algorithm only changes the quantities/types of items (that are also fixed in their item/rubies/dollar conversion) to shuffle new offers.
Or, again, the algorithm is an intern with an excel file :slight_smile:


this is cute, I may consider it


Well, they stated it would learn based on what you purchase so I’m guessing you have to buy to train it.


wow 20 winter sigil. It will make big different to get divine dragons


If a person has 100% inputs as “not buy” there will be zero learning. I doubt they adjust the overall value up as time progresses, it’s just based on what players value vs what PG values items at


Is in this same thread.


I have not purchased the inner fire pack that has shown up for 4 days now in a row. I wouldn’t put much faith in what PG says should happen vs reality. Clearly their code doesn’t live up to anyone’s expectations.


What if it took into account the your most used items in the game. Aka if you used a shit load of inner fires last event, it would offer you IF. Tokens used = tokens. Etc

Would make sense possibly?


Unsure what a “shit load” would be or how to put that in a spread sheet. :grin::grin::grin:

I ran maybe 120 inner fire last pvp, compare that with 500k tokens last breeding. Maybe the 274k tokens next breeding will tip it in the right direction and we can learn how to make it spit out timers at level 300.


That was stated already that that’s what it was supposed to be… I don’t want to scroll up and find it :see_no_evil: it’s late and I’m tired but I’m almost positive a pg employee said that it was based off what you buy/need the most.



My daily offee hasn’t changed for a week. Is this intended? AKA is this the absolute best offer they are going to give me based on my lack of spending habits and what I use in game?