What is your daily offer?


I’ve seen this before too. A lot. I’m wondering if that is because I used a ton of food and Xp potions during the latest breed event.

Now I’m getting boatloads if offers for inner fires which I used a lot during PVP.

Hopefully that means I’ll get useful offers for timers since I’ve burned thru those this fort.


I’m curious as to how those are weighted.

For myself I’m seeing daily offers for things I used last event (some lag might make sense). The offers still are unappealing.

Empirically from the forums it seems that the offer goodness has some inverse relationship to spending but that is not from any detailed analysis in my part. I haven’t sampled enough to test this.

In the end I’m underwhelmed with the execution of these offers and disappointed with the ones I’ve received. Getting special offers for trebuchet resists is not a high priority for me (but thankfully these offers seem to have vanished).


I think it broke over the holidays and PG doesn’t know or care while on PTO. So many reports of the same thing in a row for the past 4 - 5 days. Not that it matters, cause I’m not buying these things. I’ll take one of those 50K ruby packs, or maybe the 48K egg token one if those make it into the rotation.


They’ve had plenty of input to fix them. The apathy is overwhelming.


I’ve had the same offer for 3 or 4 days now. It’s not the worst I’ve seen but their timers:dollar ratio is still totally off for anyone above 300. Two tower upgrades for $100? I’d need to buy 2 of these just to level up once!


I’ve had this offer too. Best one I’ve had but yea pretty pricey for half a level upgrade (timer wise)



That 15k Ru for $20 is one of the best offers I’ve seen. At 750 rubies per $1.

That 35k-Ru for $100 is garbage at 350Ru/$1.

The 15k-Ru special offer will get you 75k R for $100, up yo you though. I won’t spend until it’s 1000-Ru/$1

/ = Per

And this is what I’m getting:


Make it 20,000Ru/$20 and I’ll buy em every month. And I haven’t spent on any pack since day one.

Ru= rubies
/ = per


I’d buy that if it was half off, it’s 80d of timers, x10 Gold Chests, 10k Ru, 5k embers. Probably benefit me far more than you.


If they do 20k R/$20 I would buy weekly…


A lot actually, I’m 5 bp away from upgrading my perch


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I’d say 4.38$ is way more reasonable


The system of generating daily offers based on need is uncanny


At least this one has more rubies than the regular $5 pack. But I don’t think there is really a learning algorithm, or if there is it doesn’t work. I’m not sure why I keep on getting offered 15 black pearls when I’m sitting on 50k extra ones.


Well clearly you needed those extra eggs …

Cheers to the algorithm team for leaving the I out of AI


I have no packs being offered other than the $4.99 and $99.99 ones


I need pearls and timers.


I’ve been getting the same old offer for the last 5 days. Is it broken already?


Als ich anfing bekam ich Dria für 50 Euro und es war der beste Drache für 3 Monate.
Heute bekomme ich ein Angebot für 50 Euro Timer die reichen nicht für ein Level.
Nein Dank das passt nicht.

When I started I got Dria for 50 Euros and it was the best dragon for 3 months.
Today I get an offer for 50 Euro timer which is not enough for a level.
No thanks that does not fit.