What is your daily offer?


I had something similar… looks good on first glance, but I agree the cost vs what you get in lvl is off… One level is not worth $100 or more.


Awesomeness at its core…(I’m being sarcastic)


I got that offer today as well. First time in a week that my offer changed


They are joking right?


Lol that ones even worse than the one I had for a few days, at least mine had 80 days worth of timers.


I think they r…That 10k rubies aren’t even worth 100$


Mine is still “stuck” on the 2K Sigils, inner fire/energy pack for $99.99

Still waiting for a 50K ruby pack for the same price, PG. Give it up man. Turn me into a spender again, otherwise I’m sitting OK for breeding and won’t push to Obsidian next week.
I’m fine with letting Pyrochis and Stormheim sit around for an extra 30 days.


Probably the best one i had so far, still not buying though lmao


Honestly it is looking more and more like a way to hide great deals to some players. Everyone posting is showing crap. No one is going to post the killer deals right!!! They will take them quietly. Personally I hav gotten the exact same crappy deal every single day. The support actually told me I was getting deals that other players weren’t getting. I asked them if they actually put effort into making a deal I wouldn’t buy and were not giving it to other players so they wouldn’t buy it!!!

Also really wondering why PG isn’t responding in any way to this thread. Just staying mostly quiet on it. That has to have a meaning as well right?


Wishful thinking
All lead to think that everyone is getting the same crappy deals (Same ruby/dollar ratios).
The only ones getting better were the A/B ones and they disclosed it… (posted here)


Ok. Just can’t understand how they thought this was a good idea making offers for crap at worse prices than we were already getting. My mini just gets offers for stuff that I can get on runs already. Would never buy.

Has to be some logic behind it. No one could possibly have that bad a sense of business. There has to be something worse coming that makes this start looking good.


My theory behind this and the ultra crappy bounty harbor loot is that they start with something worse then what we already had just to see who will fall for it. Assuming there are enough folks who don’t read the forums or perform simple math, PG actually gets ahead on both changes. Once enough folks catch on, its easy to bump things more in line with expectations slowly over time and keep that boost in revenue going as long as possible.


Spot on.:+1:t3:


I don’t know. They started so over the top submarginal I think they are probably feeling a hurt on even normal purchases. I know since they did this I halted spending on all but elites. I find it so offensive I refuse to spend. That countered with a norm of $500 to $700 per month on fort. I would have done a lot of it weren’t for this garbage value pack engine right after promising to do more after their “special deals”



I had the same offer for about 4 days straight. Looks ok, until you realize all those timers only get you half a level, or 2 tower upgrades. And I’m not willing to spend $200 per level, that’s just insane.


Same offer I been getting. When compared to the special deals it is total nonsense. When compared to what we are used to it’s just not worth it.


My offer actually got less terrible today! One thing though, why even include 50 black pearls? I can’t do anything with that, plus the “learning algorithm” should know I have 50k unused black pearls. I’m also not sure that the extra egg tokens and rubies make it worth missing out on gold chests that are included in regular packs.

If I were spending still, I’d probably buy this one. But because the value is still way off when compared to the special offers, and because PG will do nothing about the 300 wall, I’ll pass.


Does anyone know what this part of every daily checkin reward is?


@PGCrisis Arelyna


Elite account gets double the item listed