What is your daily offer?


I really, really wanted to buy some good packs. I’m still holding out for that to happen. :pensive:


Beat me to it, @mechengg! The x2 just means you get double the reward listed for having Elite.


Double the pitiful amount is still pitiful. Sorry, but I really don’t see this as an “improvement” over the old bounty harbor you took away. Don’t get me wrong, that was a pittance too, just multiple times per day versus once per day.



Upon seeing this offer I decided to compare to the ruler pack which includes 1500 tokens, 35k ruby’s, and 25 gold chests. So in the name of science I bought the ruler. Here is the harvest from the ruler pack after opening gold chests with all of it.

Sigils - 1850
Egg tokens - 23. 9k
Egg frags - 19
Timers - 93.8 days
Elemental Ember - 3.4k
130k food pack - 11
400k food pack - 8
Black pearls - 450
Heal potion - 60
Xp potion - 37.3m
100% xp boost - 32
Tower atk - 150
Tower Hp - 100

OK, so the daily pack focused on timers really but has other perks like the elementals for some players. It comes with 80 days timers. The extra 10 chest and 10k ruby’s may have made up for the 13.8 extra days, but this isn’t a high timer drop event so I assume it breaks about even. Since I have a couple hundred k elementals, the 5k in that pack mean nothing to me.

Daily offer of 500 sigils seems weak. The 10k rubyies and 10 chests will certainly not make up the difference in the 1850 sigils I received. The biggest sigil payout I received in a 10 chest drop was 425 sigils. If that came in all 3 drops of 10 chest you could get with the daily offer, it would still be short on sigils.

Egg tokens. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see you make out better with the ruler pack.

Everything else I received by opening chests from ruler pack is simply perks above and beyond what the daily offer would provide. It could not make up for any of the other items. There is no way anyone should buy this daily offer. Even in an event where opening chests is not ideal for drops you truly need, you still make out better with the normal pack. The only daily offer that is remotely reasonable is the one with 2k sigils. Time to step up to the plate PG. The bonus packs or bust.


Awesome! Thank you for working out all of the details on this. Super helpful. Be interesting to see if PG would comment on why the daily offers are actually worse than the standard ones.


You can do a more direct comparison based on Mechengg’s prior work. He gives percentages for gold chest drops broken down by event. So you can compare apples to apples.


Mine are stuck between dumpster fire and pile of hell no!

Same two offers swapping back and forth since the beginning. :unamused::unamused::unamused:


this is just sad now, lol


So the %savings numbers should need to be consistent or else PG would be in a lot of trouble. Which is exactly why they keep those old ruby packs around nobody buys, to make everything seem like a great deal

So it turns out the biggest normal packs are 75% markdown.

Checking through this thread, not even one deal posted matches 75%, let alone exceeded.

So this “special offer” may never be a good value unless it offers you specific items by them self that you want, or if it is a smaller pack and exceeds the value for that size.

If there is a better deal, nobody has posted it yet.


~$94 current exchange rate

I’ve had this for at least 4 or 5 days now.


Same garbage every day until it got worse

55h of :timerbronze: and 500 embersfor $5! That’s absurdity!


today has a lot yet little


Are you kidding me ?


Any spenders out there know whether this is good or not?? I have no idea on what the typical hr/$ is



Well, that is depressing. Looks like the A/B testing is still on-going while the rest of us are getting average or below average offers


No daily offer is good… that’s my consensus… what a disappointment and complete fail as a first step to player happiness… PG really dropped the ball in this one


I get offers bouncing between 2.69 and 104.99 CAD. I haven’t spent in a while, mostly due the fact that it does very little for me now compared to 100 levels ago. I will spend moderately on what I like, but there needs to be value. I’d love for something to pop up that I would buy just so I can demonstrate to PG that there is a sweet spot where myself and others will spend if given the opportunity.