What is your daily offer?


So much for “personalized” offers. Mine keep flip flopping between the inner fire/energy pack one I posted above, and this one. Havent bought one yet. Come on PG, give me a reason to spend, stop giving me this garbage. $100 for 80 days of timers is ridiculous!


I’m getting the same two on a loop as well



I am on a loop as well. And $99.99 for less than 2 tower upgrades in timers is beyond rediculous. I really don’t see how anyone fighting the wall would even consider this.


@Arelyna @PGCrisis can I sign up to get this offer? I need 50k more egg tokens. My current offer is for 1 silver chest and 12k rune dust for $0.99.

I don’t understand what the problem is with us all having access to the same offers. Let people buy what they want.


You would still be better off with the special offer pack that is still being offered to only a few. This looks enticing because of egg tokens, even though you get completely screwed in every other acpect of prizes in that pack and the egg tokens would break even or less.


I don’t care. I need egg tokens right now. Willing to pay a premium. Unfortunately the algorithm they are using to produce daily offers:

A. ) Has no idea this is breeding week
B. ) Thinks 1 silver chest is gonna be a game changer.


Wel if one more tower can make a difference, I assume one more silver chest could too?


I don’t understand PG’s accountant and how they assign a “price” to things like timers, sigils, etc etc

The only thing that has a true “value” in the game are rubies. These “special” offers of the day are complete garbage.

PG seems to think they can just attach a value to some random items like inner fires and timers, call it 75% off, (off of what?) and all of sudden you have some cool packs.




Was going to upload this a week ago, but…forgot.

I have like 150 chain lightning equips, but at least they recognize my need for heal pots :rofl:

I’m not sure where they got the $5(equivalent) value from, though.


I’m really starting to feel like this is just completely random.


Jan 10

Jan 11


For the most part, the pricing for these packages does not make sense.


You guys still check these ? :roll_eyes:


We’re do they even get the % off from? Is it from the rediculously prices solo ruby packs? Personally I think those packs are just there to hopefully rip off a new spender that doesn’t know any better. But yea, the value placed on item is pretty rediculous, and I don’t see this addressed in and road map though it should be a top 5 issue.




My main which I spend on (usually) gets the $9.99 and under offers my alt which I VERY rarely spend on and when I do it’s maybe $20 gets the $99.99 packs every day … pretty much guarantees I’ll nevef buy any of them


I didn’t think it could get worse but it did.


I completely gave up on those offers at this point :sweat_smile: so I don’t even check them anymore.