What is your favorite duskfall divine dragons?


What are your favorite entry Duskfall Dragon so far after playing with them for a bit? (from this season only)

My fav is Somnus followed closely by Cavaleris. Not saying I don’t like Prospero but I simply have more fun with Somnus and his kit is insane.
[Death Kneel] costs 2 rage to fill his health and rage completely and give invincibility for 2.5 seconds.
[Soul B] costs 1 rage to deal tons of damage to 3 targets and its a white spell.
And finally [Ectoplasmic Breath] puts a poison on your normal swipes and increases its damage, its a white spell and costs zero rage, which is insaine. It’s my favorite spell of Somny’s.

I love how Cavaleris spell War Cry (white) increases damage for both Cavaleris and next Dragon the entire match, to top it off he has Aegis which allows him to give next Dragon full rage and set up next Dragon very well.

I don’t like Sylphen, but it may be that I’m not good with him. I feel like he may not be to squishy and have no real threat besides taking one tower you wish. Maybe one of you prefer that Sorcerer over other options?

I’m curious to see what others pick and why?


I think this largely depends on your level. you like Cav for example, but anyone high level wont. Pathox is universally the favorite, but also not accessible to everyone.


I picked Prospero.


Because I already have two divine dragons with all the stones to Obsidian and beyond:
Zappy (Equestor) >>> sorcerer
Wynter (Nollaig) >>> warrior

What’s missing?

Indeed, a hunter.


Somnus’s is definitely my favorite, mainly because he’s so fun to fly and mess around with


So far

Sylphen takes some practice but once you get the timing of abilities down etc hes great for set up/clean up. Does lack a mage drain dodge ability but otherwise he can punch much higher than your level.

Pathox I have him 2nd mostly due to not having the stone to bring him up to my current tier of dragons yet. I’m sure once I get the rest of this line he’ll move into the #1 spot.

Cav really the only warrior I fly but this is my first full season and I don’t really fly lineage dragons. He seems to be a fairly reliable general purpose dragon as long as you don’t fly him too far above a certain power over his own.

Don’t have any other dragons from this season but Prospero from what I’ve seen of videos and watching team mates fly him, seems to be a pretty solid dragon as long as you don’t fly too high and you are able to kill highly critical towers (red/storm)


That I own? Prospero. He’s my first good Divine and God damn is he strong. Using him to learn how to fly Hunters. The one I wanted this season was Pathox, but sadly he wasn’t in reach.


How are you finding equestor against equal level towers that are geared these days? (aka obsidian vs L60)
Since chain lightning doesn’t scale with gear, I’d suspect it’s becoming less and less of a useful spell, is that a correct assumption?
(not counting supershoted storm towers that fck equestor up in the first place)

this is off topic, but discussing a seasonal dragon to compare to the duskfall season so i still consider it on topic


Pathox is sooo fun!!! I’m hitting way above my level with defenders … and they are like, we give up. :heart_eyes:


As I am only Garnet (lv 158) I can only speak for up to lv 43-45.

Unfortunately, Zappy seems to be less and less effective against dark and fire flaks as I grow; but still useable. I am afraid that will change in Emerald, and not in a good way.

So I am quite happy that this dragon tops at Obsidian. :smile:


Thanks for the reply.
Is it the flaks (and abilities) that seem to be dragging his spells down or is it simply the gear buff %'s that are now growing into the 90-100% range which is essence already halves his spells power?


I have no numbers to support my answer, but I guess it’s the HP boost those towers get from geared riders, which makes them a tad more persistent and harder to destroy.

At the same time the above mentioned two flaks hit harder… This can be somewhat balanced out with a rider and some good gear (on the dragon), but… poor thing can’t be boosted as much as the defence units.

Now this compared to Prospero (as both of them relies on their spells)

On bases where Zappy struggles and barely survives (but still does) Prospero goes through like a bullet. Once the Scarlet Fever is turned on, the majority of the towers can be eliminated with one shot, while the pesky flaks need a little more attention. Timing the enshroud spell can save your health (and butt as well).


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My fav dragons is Cava and Slyphen :wink:
Now, Pathox just lvl 23. I’m not running with thats :smile:


That’s not a birthday cake, that’s a forum aniversary cake :upside_down_face:


Ups, i think shes birthday :smile:


Deff pathox…
But as a regular divine… favorite is hands down somnus…

Sylphen has his uses too… but somnus just murders shit around my level…


I have two lists.

The good dragons.

The fun dragons.

Good it’s definately pathox. We have all heard the many ways he kicks ass. Tied second is prospero and slyphen. Different times, different dragons. Somnus is fourth and Caverleris is flat last by a country mile.

Fun wise honestly somnus looks a blast. Sure it isn’t the strongest by any stretch but at this point I have my viable dragons. If it wasn’t for me going for pathox I’d love to play that playstyle just for the fun of it. Second again is pathox, followed thirdly by slyphen with prospero and cav joint last. Prospero is a fantastic hunter but he feels like every other hunter. There isn’t anything that makes him well… much more fun than avyx or aibrean. There is nothing wrong with that style but I’ve done it multiple times now. Caverleris has this awesome power fantasy in theory but it just falls so short that it’s not fun


I made that mistake too one day :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Totally agree Somnus is very fun to fly glad I picked him. Also enjoy Cavaliers.

My go-to dragon has to be Somnus once you’ve mastered the spells Damn he’s a beast.

Taken out LVL 300’s soloing while defended and I’m only a level 190.

Enough said.


I would like to see you get my -300 base with your somnus

p.s : I am pretty sure u got one of those 300 with lvl 40 towers