What is your favorite duskfall divine dragons?


No had a couple of 50s didn’t 100% the base but a win is a win😎.


A 300 with 50’s is doing something wrong :see_no_evil:

not to take away from your win, but if you need help staying out of that direction let me know, happy to help plan with you


I would like to see you fly my 285 base




@skippysaurus you shouldnt measure a dragon viability in bases like this above , dont u agree @mechengg


When I fly I look at the best xp vs defence.

I don’t care what LVL they are as long as I get good xp I’ll give them ago.

Also I didn’t say it was a good 300 base.


Oh i feel bad about that one :frowning:


me too , especially when that guy applied to my team , when I went to check base I was like wtf


I shouldn’t laugh…but what the hell was he thinking?


He wasn’t😅


I bet he gets hit NONSTOP during PvP events. Worse than any farm teams even.


I am totally enjoying Prospero! He is not as strong as Axi but I like flying him more! Just suits my style I guess.

I have Cav and Somnus as well, between my 2.


No offense or bringing down your effort. But it gives false meaning to new player. A good 300 base should have level 56 towers at least.


Very nice feedback everyone, I was hoping new players could look at this and know which dragons to branch. I know I have zero patience when it comes to saving sigils but a few on my team have saved their sigils till now, l9ng after they seem each mythic and legendary event dragon fly.
Unfortunately I’ve seen a few get Lorenzo and Prospero and have no way to finish Somnus.

But I don’t think anyone messed up as much as I did, I have all of them at Gold stones but I’m in Green Tier atm. So obviously I should have saved and focused on one branch to get mythic and sadly I won’t get a mythic this season. Partly because I started this season late.


60* (5 char)


Hit platinum at least, or you’ll be sad halfway through next season…or earlier.

But tbh gold divines should be able to last you slightly longer- into plat, maybe?


I’ve got cav syl and Pathox. I guess I’m not too good with syl but I the others are good.

I tend to favor sneaky dragons so Pathox fits nicely into that theme. I also use freeze a lot so again that bodes well for me … a white one too is nice to have.

But I agree cav can be useful if used properly (then again what do I know … I actually like Kirin :yum:).


Borgian is in the same boat as equestor… with all the gear and thing, his lighting bolt as bexame so useless that it’s a real joke…! He is nowhere near the hunte he used to be!

To answer your question, my favorote beside Pathox os definitly Slyphen!

He is surely the best clean up dragon out there, and he can really be a all purpose dragon one you master him! His shield can absorb the red mage super shot, give rage regen debuff on tower and absorb 100% dmg, his death stare can kill anything one shot, his etheral chain does lot more dmg then I expected, and his elemental resist make him quite resistant!

He’s that kind of Sorcerer that really actually use spells, i mean, you are always casting a.spell with him! He plays more like a hunter then a sorcerer, you almost should never use the swipe attack with him!

Cavaleris is not a bad dragon, but neither a great one… he is resistant, but lack dmg on big towers…! He is cool for low lvl on wars, cuz they can try and not get rage drain. He also can boost the next dragon for the bigger player after him, which could always make the difference!


Yeah, I’m trying to get as many stones on my two favs as possible, Somnus and Prospero


Pick one. It’ll serve you better than dividing your attention lol