What is your favorite duskfall divine dragons?


Still wondering if Sylphen worth the trouble.
(I’m not saying this to get end-game. Just useful tier for him as Elegant Eidolon )
Hopefully those Master Dragon Lords can enlighten me when the time come


Well, it served me well for a year, so it’s not a :poop: :dragon: , excuse me, dear Sir.

And there’s still a lot of bases it can take, so that’s all right. In the end I will have a marvellous miner. (yes, invader killer)


between my 3 accounts I have all dragons from this season besides Aristrat…something,( the other mythic) .
I really Enjoy all of them, they all have there uses.
Cant say I have a clear cut favorite.
I probably fly Prospero the most as its a more classic hunter and I miss my Avyx.
And in all Rss events I use that account mostly as a lead to find good resources, its just a better lvl range for finding food and wood.
I would use them all in war runs besides somnus, the random targeting of his main dmg spell can really break you and its more about luck then any kind of skill in your run then.
For reference my accounts are Lvl 232and in obisidian(Cav,sylphen,Pathox,Somnus(gold or something like that, he sits in den),
Lvl 150 and in garnet(Cav,Prospero,Somnus)
Lvl30 so orange (somnus)


Yeah I’ve got:
Sylphen, Somnus, Prospero, Cavaleris.
No mythic I came in late in this season.

But my least favorite Duskfall Dragon is Sylphen in Orange and he is missing his moon defense spell.
all my season dragons are in Green Tier besides Sylphen and I have Gold Stone for Somnus, Prospero and Cavaleris.
Cavaleris is by far the most useful divine I’ve got, not counting mythic ofc. Since he has that invincibility during arcane agieis spell and that buff to him and next dragon for entire match. Cavaleris sets up things perfectly for next run, having the capability to clear the hard towers while providing next dragon with near full rage and an insaine 15-20% buff on damage.

Somnus for me can clear some pretty tough bases, that Death Knell is a life saver and 2.5s invincibility shield which makes all the difference. The Ectoplasmic Breath puts a poison on your normal swipes and increases its damage to the towers at the crazy insaine price of Zero Rage being a White Spell. And soul barrage can take out 2-3 towers in every group of 5 at my level. At level 200-300 I see it clear 2-3 towers then EB does the rest and if not, you have Death Kneel to finish em off and stay strong.


What? How can prospero not be stronger than axi?


I’d have to say Slyphen because I love using sorcerer. Lol, that’s all.


I just hatched Pathox and I know he’s gonna be my favourite lmao… But nonmythic favourite is Cav (since I only have him and Sylphen anyway) because he’s a pretty decent warrior who takes some skill to fly. He’s definitely my favourite warrior divine and serves as a great war lead since he can absorb a rage drain island and give the following dragon a decent power boost.


Because axi is the bubble fartin… rainbow snottin… awesome drag of the year!!


Kinda wish I got Axi :sob::sob::sob:


How can Prospero not be stronger than Axi. Axi is no where close no matter what. Maybe easy flying ? :thinking: maybe even that’s easy for Prospero :man_shrugging:


Somnus better then prospero… didn’t u read the thread on the forums… if its a thread… its the truth…



My favorite is definitely Sylphen. Her mark of twilight ability last for only two seconds, which is the bad part, but it is good when you need some emergency rage. Ethereal chains deal a lot of damage so at my level it almost acts like a Multi- Death gaze. Death stare is good since it is white so it is not affected by Mage towers. Her elemental resist is so good it practically acts healing.

Somnus is a fun dragon to fly and his ectoplasmic breath cost no rage and death knell recovers so much health unless there is a defender, It is almost impossible to kill. Soul barrage can be repeatedly spammed to deal a whole lot of damage


After having them for a while I’d have to say Somnus is my favorite for fun. but for wreaking bases it’s Prospero. To set up teammates it’s Cavaleris.


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