What is your favorite Green and Gold Dragons?

I’m not all the way through Green Tier yet and only have Ettin and waiting on next Breeding to get Danzig and Hugin, hopefully Bander soon after.

What are your favorites in Green/Gold Tier? Are Rates, Epics worth anything in that level of the game or only Legendaries?

I know Hunters are very popular but I’m trying to get a Warrior and a Hunter in each tier, following Reds Breeding Path.

Gold is the greatest designed tier in terms of balance (or it was balanced at the time anyways) and has two great hunters: Whalegnawer and Consurgens. Resists are less effective than they once were so Whalegnawer is the better choice now. Both are good.

Im not sure how useful they are currently as when i was in gold i relied on Fenrok and flew through gold quickly as plats had just come out at the time. So my experience is a little dated.


My favorites were indeed hunters, Ettin and Whale.
Hugin was a solid warrior as well, especially if you slap a few rejuvenate runes on. Never had a gold warrior, although arguably Consurgens flies like one…

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At that time of green I wasn’t into Hunters didn’t have a favorite green, Orange was Durga & gold was Whalegnawer
WG was my first real favorite dragon!

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Whale and Cons are definitely the best. Is nice to learn Steal Essence and time it to get th espell you want to get. With those for the first time I stopped to blindly firing everything and started to pick and chose.
I don’t remember if I got Yersinu first but I didn’t liked him

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Prior to flaks i flew danzig and hugin a TON in green (only ettin a bit) but my go to was always Urd for the havoc to take down the farms.
In gold, nothing really struck my fancy. Whale was the best of a very bad lot, but then again this was right when Skarr came out so there wasn’t really any comparison.


Ettin for green for sure and getting whale and cons next breeding event so they will be the top dogs after that. Bander is meh but yers is a fun dragon to play with and can last you well into gold legends.

On my main Hugin was my green dragon of choice. My low-level alt has just got Ettin, and is getting on very well with him (I wasn’t much of a hunter flyer on my first pass through green …). By Gold I was mostly flying divines. Whale was the only linage dragon that I really got a lot of use from. I regret choosing a Sekoronos/Khrysos breeding path through gold. If I’d got Whale earlier then I’d have probably made even more use of him.

Like all freeze dragons, Munin and Sekoronos are very useful for XP farms, but not much else; possibly clean-up after a cloaking hunter lead that has managed to take out all the mages.

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On my main I don’t remember, I think I liked Urd in the green tier (or was it Karna? :thinking:). I didn’t get Ettin until too late for him to be of any use to me. But then I got him in my mini and he’s for sure my favorite green dragon.

About gold, I was always a fan of hunters and remember seeing Whalegnawer and liking him, but at that time (and during the months prior) I was seeing a lot of people flying Sage and I really really liked the idea of having a dragon with thunderstorm (which was a blue spell at the time). So I decided to focus on gettin Caladbolg and then Sekoronos :woman_facepalming: Epic mistake. They changed thunderstorm to red the week before I got Caladbolg and I also am extremely bad with sorcerers :sweat_smile:

I think on my mini I will get Whale. If I ever reach gold tier. It’s been inactive for a while now.

I know I really struggled against gold temple guardians last event so I’m working on leveling Whale up for next time (he was only level 8 at the beginning and Caladbolg and Sekoronos really suck :joy:)

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I am currently in gold. For green I like ettin and danzig the best, for gold I got whalegnawer and consurgence and I love them both. I am also a big fan of bander right now and a lot of my teammates love yersinu. I don’t find rare dragons useful, but epics can be useful, they just don’t stick around as long as the legendaries.

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