What is your favorite hobby?

I know I enjoy a lot of different hobbies. Astrophotography and climbing are my two favorite ones right now. Kinda curious as to what hobbies y’all have.

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Playing this game, I don’t think I have time for anything else😂

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Internet trolling.


I like doing a lot of hobbies too… My favourite ones are probably listening/making music, reading books, and playing this game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

random coding/scripting experiments
too many LINE/Discord chats
puppy-induced naps :thinking: Is that a hobby?


I like sleeping. Sleeping is great.


I always wanted to have “He died doing what he loved” engraved on my tombstone if I pass while I’m sleeping.


Like the others I like sleeping, and also eating. Along with hiking (as long as it’s not a mountain [view is great, climb not so much]), and making music.

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All things Cars.

My dad and I just finished a Factory Five 33

First car show (as roadster)

Hardtop installed (tape is holding windhield while adhesive cures)

He picked up a '34 Ford Coupe that someone couldn’t complete… currently fixing their crappy work.

I really enjoy early 90’s Japanese sports cars. My current toy is a '92 MR2 Turbo.

Also, remodeling houses. I wouldn’t say I ENJOY it, but it’s what I spend the majority of my ‘free time’ doing.


Toyota MR2? The one which looks like it has been made with a ruler? Lol

LOL nope…

Here’s mine (work in progress):

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That has similar looks to the Ferrari Testarossa in some places

Nice cars!!! I have a 1989 Mercedes 420SEL that I am working on restoring. Slow progress, but it is coming along.

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My favorite hobbies are archery and reading. (Yess archery with a real bow and sharp arrows)

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Archery is a lot of fun. But takes a lot of practice to be good at. :slight_smile:

Soon to be anything other than WarDragons…

  • Coding
  • Gym
  • Reading
  • Podcasts
  • Drinking with friends
  • Playing mobile games
  • Currently writing a story for the Episode app

Painting (I’m not great but enjoy it), reading, online games (way too many), about to try suminagashi

What is suminagashi?

You use ink and paintbrushes to make designs that float on water then transfer it to paper or wood or something like that

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