What is your favorite hobby?




Drawing, playing this game and Prey in my free time.


I guess I’d have to say collaborative novel writing, drawing, and War Dragons (other video games too on occasion if the weekend events get dull).


3d Graphic art and writing
my artist website


I remember back in the day, you said you even troll your team - you said you go in TC and announce the fort event has started (early) LOL.

You are the troll king.


Yep. It’s fantastic. But they stayed with me for over 2 years, so they enjoyed it.


My favorite hobbies are backcountry snowboarding in the winter and downhill mountain biking in the summer.



my second most expensive hobby lol. 69 camaro restoration currently in progress


Hmmm, hobbies… this game, writing, watching movies… That’s about it :sweat_smile: