What is your honorable war story?

Just witnessed a team checking to see if their opponent was online after the servers were down before waving. That’s a class act.

What’s your favorite War story?


I remember when there were a few teams that stepped up and gave the XP Farm team a win after they were declared on so that they could keep their league ranking :+1::+1:


I don’t know if it would be considered honorable but we lost a war on purpose once, in my previous team, for reasons I don’t clearly remember, either to keep from jumping league when we weren’t ready or something else (it was before the league restructure). The opposing team was the very one I am in right now, and I like it very much through thick and thin.

So maybe a pretty story instead of honorable one, but one I wanted to share :hugs:


Back in the day - way before subleagues - my team at the time managed to fight our way up to sapphire… where we promptly landed in league with teams that were bouncing in and out of Diamond (when it was only 25 teams) - we were WAY outclassed, and the obvious easy target. RainbowRoom offered to throw us wars as needed to keep us afloat if we were intent on staying. That was pretty cool of them. We didn’t take them up on it however, and lasted only 3 weeks before we happily fell back to platinum.


Just a few days ago a team declared war on mine. They were ranked 2nd in the sub league. We were around 11th. I checked out their roster and saw that their global ranking was 276. They probably figured we’d be an easy team to beat for the one extra point needed to move to Sapphire.
We ran coordinated War waves while they attacked singly.
Towards the end of the war, we were matched in flames but we had 52 defenses for their 26.
Won the war, sitting at 269 global rank and wondering if they’ll think twice before declaring on us again. Or at least employ better War attack strategies?


I got to be a merc today. That’s honorable, right? /flamesuit on


Honorable wars? :thinking:

I’m not sure if it’s honorable or not … this one time I was rooting for the opposing team to win cause their members were too discouraged in LC. It was a close war and we were leading and I might not have done my best in notifying the missing to do their war runs. :eyes:

They did end up winning but let’s keep the omission between us. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


My understanding is that it’s a controversial tactic . . . yet endorsed by PG!

Today we faced an onslaught of Turk armies. On every attack I backed, I paid homage to these radical badasses and the most majestically stupid armor in history:


:thinking: Does that mean that you used Kirin to follow?

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So this one time…at dragon camp… My team got declared on in plat 2 I believe, I forget who. They had a 1 or 2 300+ players and I guess thought we’d be an easy win with us not having any 300+. We waved the hell out of them and even brought down their 300s thru sheer grit. We beat them by several defense points fair and square and their 300 even sent a message to the player who brought down his base, a good job email. That was pretty sweet. :fire::fire:


When i was a leader of a team that days with 1400++ , which meant new saphir league bottom, i was with level 142+ the highest player… just 2-3 others near me with new platin dragon was arround 100+

the left team was from 50-70 nearly …
That days saphire league was under Diamond, so there was teams from 1400-1800-1900 …

In a war i faced a level 300++ that days, where arround that team were 200±260+
Damn you will think ^^ …

I managed to get at our timeline morning, when they was sleeping to attack the 300+ with a level 23 Nightshade , boosted and lightning support. My second best player was with me … But i played it as a solo and won myself 5 flames ! :smiley:

After that success we managed the other 260+ too , and won because of our great defence, so we had more defensive points. :sunglasses: if i am not wrong with timeline… I just think they was more then shocked… but sadly i had to support with my friends all big ones… so it was work :pensive:

A other time i was 132+ and had to face again some 300+… however we managed with 2 players to finish it. Of course undefended… mostly that people think because of there high level they was untouchable… they was not ! ^^… after they woke up , they realized that there bigs was done :stuck_out_tongue:


It is fun sneaking the big one while they’re asleep. :joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Looking to the difference in strength there was no other way possible,… but yeaa very funny :smile:

I warred another team one day. That team happened to be the team in which my alt was spying on :eyes:. :joy::joy:

What? Spying is a real deal??? :flushed:

Why would you wanna spy if it is real? :face_with_monocle:

Your (arguably lol) honorable story remind me of another one. My team ended up several times in the same league as a team who adopted my old teammates. I asked that no war be declared between our teams, at a time when we were really pushing to get ratings. No war was declared and we even allied in pvp events :hugs:

I don’t like attacking old teammates… Unless it’s to Ryu or Chunk them… Except Mech, when he has a naked base to improve his token farm :eyes::joy:


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