What is your in-game goal for the Winter season? ☃️


I’ll be mostly hiberating …

  1. get low hanging fruit from events
  2. get obsidians
  3. do not grow past 199


You’ll need to hit 226 if you want to evolve your divines into obsidian…

As for my goals? I’m not sure… haven’t made any yet :woman_shrugging:


300 and hatch harbs. I really want lokan :drooling_face:


Play less or reach obsidian. I haven’t committed yet.

Not getting angry every time I look at the app would be nice too. :slight_smile:


My divines are happy being emerald :slight_smile:

Look, I got Tarand back on the roster. He’s a reindeer now :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It used to be “hit 300”.

Now, it’s looking like “delete the app”.


Breeding progression, I will not focus on the season itself.


I wish we could use those horns on higher tier dragons
I’ll love to put them on Jotun


A) not quit the game
B) hopefully,get some nice portrait
C) get runes for hunters from lines.
D) Get Itzani
That’s all so far


Sounds like its going to be a quiet season for most …

  1. Get a mythci for the first time
  2. Get a nice portrait
  3. Hopefully get lucky to do step one
  4. And get a nice hunter or sorcerer


Play less, expect nothing. Maybe some casual more intensive days



  1. Don’t get bullied by evil Eastern European girls

Probably won’t work :neutral_face:


My goal is to not quit the game. Hoping for some cooperation from PG.


To make it through the season sane. Whether that involves deleting the app or not remains to be seen…

  • Breeding ↠ get Icicle
  • Base ↠ decent possum base :eyes:
  • RL ↠ :shushing_face:  


My goal is to just have fun in the game doing whatever I want, whenever I want without always trying to adhere to PG’s ever-increasing demands to stay competitive in the game.


So basically you want to be a lone wolf? :joy:


Precisely. :grin:


1: Spend more time with family instead of on the game
2: Reach level 340
3: Breed Itzani :slight_smile: