What is your in-game goal for the Winter season? ☃️


That’s awesome, my Tarand has been wearing the horns since I got him, they look great with his other set hu? Also, he maxes at only Garnet. Check out

They looking into it so hopefully he’ll be corrected soon.

My goal is :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: they come out with a good set of dragons.


Get the entire next tier of dragons and be able to expert my vanguards. May not happen with the miserable trek through the 340+ levels but I’m going to stay positive. Don’t really care about the seasonal dragons so just want a decent cost for the lines.


. Concentrate on breeding line (!) I’m a bit overleveled now so I’m gonna not level up any towers that give XP in some of the first forts in the season.
. Possibly get into obsidian.
. Think wise in getting divine dragons and not rush for the sale ones asap. (That for now I’ve no idea how they’ll look like) if mythic worth it - go for it. If not, well, keep allll sigils until the end.


Relax and enjoy what the game has to offer. I’m not spending money to increase troop levels etc. what I lose I’ll revive at the normal rate and build as I can. Depending on what Dragons are made available I may or may not go after one, possibly a rider instead if decent. Definitely will go after token boost as I will maintain breeding lineage drags. My goal is to breed Hau and drive myself near crazy trying to learn to fly him well.


It will be a boring life,and you know it :woman_shrugging:t2::joy_cat:

  • Hauheset, then Apophet. Jul and Ursa at a stretch.
  • Shoot down bigger divines
  • hit 80/80 on defense and one set of attack gear, and 70/70 on another set of attack gear.
  • get a good setup dragon. Or Hau. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably leave the game. If not get an actual winter-themed dragon

  1. Pray for some good updates in the Winter season
  2. If point 1 doesnt work, getting depressive


I will be trying my best not to quit playing…


Reach Lvl 400.


Go from 270 to 295


Play less, pay less, spend more time with friends.


Amen :raised_hands:t2:

  1. Get Elite Shield / Sword for Defensive Rider (I’m betting that’s what they will release) … I have the rest.
  2. Get Elite Shield / Sword for 2-5 Offensive Riders depending how much I play.
  3. Try to play as little as possible. The game is wearing on me.
  4. Don’t care about dragons anymore. Not intersted in new dragons.

  1. Recover from this season’s insane push to get a mythic for the first time.

  2. Get through Emerald tier (I’ll be starting the season with Ferga).

  3. Build up my team. They’re 90% of the reason that I still play

  4. Attempt to roll with PG’s changes and not become overly stressed out because of digital dragons.


Not to get banned again.:rofl::rofl::joy::rofl:


Quit the game if winter offer is not as exciting


Keep looking for the elusive dark side Pokemon :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Get a my first mythic and it don’t matter which one. But I’m scared this new mythic will have a new stone meaning a new tier.


Find motivation to keep playing. Ball’s in your court, PG.