What is your in-game goal for the Winter season? ☃️


Get deep into garnet with my main…

  1. Finish Obsidian in 3 breeding events: yep I can do that
  2. Get to lv 300 before smacking face first into the Harb 300 wall: I’ve already failed unless we get a large increase in timers
  3. meh


Take it easy. Join a relaxed team and play when I want to. Participate in events if I want. Play atlas if I want. Take breaks if I want without damaging my team. I’ve spent the last two years playing seriously and contributing a bunch. I’m burnt out due to the various issues, and I’m more busy myself than I ever have been.

Just try to enjoy the game and see if it’s something I want to continue playing past this season.


New tier. **** **** **** **** called it ^


What does one do to get bullied by evil Eastern European girls?


anniversary and birthday on the same day? Happy Birthday!

On topic,

Get the discount hunter

:chipmunk: away rubies, chests until brighter days (literally and figuratively)


No red nose for yours?


I didn’t get one :sleepy:


My anniversary was about a month ago, but it’s the only tag I have. Thank you for the birthday wish. :slight_smile:

On topic: I forgot to add forum badges to my list. They have become my favorite part of the game.


:point_up_2: THAT!


Hahahaha, I know what you mean :laughing: I’m still waiting to get my admired badge eventually…


You would swap out your GPF badge with the admired one?


Maybe for shits and giggles after I earn it. I’d swap back to the GPF one eventually :upside_down_face:


I need “Out of love”. Want some help?


I don’t have that particular one either lol. If you want to help me on my quest for admired I won’t stop you, though I don’t want to stoop to asking people for likes :joy: I’d rather earn it honestly :upside_down_face:


My goal is to not rage quit the game.


You didn’t ask. Spamming posts is the only way to get that badge anyway. :slight_smile: Yay new project!

LX no rage quitting. Take a break from the game not the forums.


Hope that they fix my game or get a new device that will maybe let me do at least most of the gameplay. Try not to rage quit because of PG still not fixing my game. Make troops. Not bust my ass in every event.


Reach 300, hatch 2 harbs, and improve my timing and accuracy with noc on islands with blue mage in back left position.


My in-game goal is to reach X rank in all 4 ranked modes.

Oh wait, did you mean this game?
I suppose logging on once a day can be a goal, right?