What is your in-game goal for the Winter season? ☃️


Is this at least, or at most?


Guess what I finally got! :smile: Look, a shiny new Admired badge :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Well looks like you got it! :joy::+1:


account progression
1: level ~174
2: Breed first garnet

Season lines

  1. prob discount for +1 hunter in the line up and cheap rewards
  2. egg token buff (will wait 1-2 weeks to make sure it works)
  3. wait for the rest to come out and pick up an eco/value buy
  4. horde non essential rubies/gold chests/etc for spring.


This is my plan too. Hunter looks pretty decent so I can continue him later on in the season if nothing better comes along. I might just use my 100 gold chests off the bat to take advantage then hoard the ones I earn after first two weeks.

Then afterward take it easier than I did this season to get Pathox. Pvp I’ll take off to chill, but breeding and fort I can push since I got the timers and tokens stacked.

Since I’ll be getting Icicle next breed I should be able to get well into Emerald, maybe even see Obsidian in the horizon.

If they release a fantastic festive I’ve got the rubies to complete with super sigils so it’s nice to have a cushion.


Reach 330 and finally hatch Jotun :joy:
Season-wise I’ll chill (hah) probably. Get the discount hunter, egg boost, and then wait until all the dragons are out for once… I have no self control :roll_eyes:


Get the Token boost, hoard rubies and chests for spring.

Sigils gathered during the season will be spent on something at the end (riders or festive) but so far I don’t fancy anything this season offers.

  1. Egg boost.
  2. Hopefully reach Obsidian by the end of season.
  3. Hoard on gold chests and rubies.
  4. Pick something by the end of season to waste sigils on.


Now when most of the info on the scheme of this season is out, I think I better sit out this whole season and just stick to the token bonus line and save everything. Only festive is an object of interest now :slight_smile:


Level 169. Get into Garnett. And not sure what to do with season yet. I been hoarding rubies and gold chests from this season.


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