What is your preferred playing style?

Oh no, her goes…another attempt at a civil and on topic discussion. I know, I know! I must be mad. Well, let’s assume I already know that and proceed.


Soooooooo many threads about pirates and not pirates, and alliances and not alliances, and buffaloes and sheep…figured maybe we could just try something a bit different for once.

What is YOUR preferred playing style when it comes to war dragons? Be honest.

Do you enjoy farming the life force out of less experienced players?

Do you prefer standing atop a castle like some Monty Python character and taunting snipers who approach with nothing more than coconuts and big dreams?

Are you more of an events sort of person?

Let’s discuss…


Yuck pvp events, there should be only atlas, and then a period of break off of atlas.
The idea of leagues or better division should be brought in atlas and remove current league system and pvp events as a whole.
Atlas wars will give you rating now.


Dragons are cool


Yeah good to have a relaxed chat topic for a change. I wonder how long until it derails into “pirates bad” or “positional tactics ftw”, there must be some analogue of Godwin’s law here :joy:

I do like the simple predictable progression provided by the events and seasonal reward lines. In Atlas, I could be a swapper, except that is bad in glory per troops, and also boring. So I do attack castles, but I try not to be obnoxious. I also do a fair amount of defensive counter-sniping, and consider that okay, as long as the enemies are not too obnoxious, either. So I am one of those boring people who actually consider this game wholesome enough, despite all the bugs and imbalances.

I am also an officer, and I like to educate my team little by little, rather than push it for random minimums. We are not top performers, but I enjoy the stable company and the sense of steady progress.

I view the random small attacks in Atlas as a form of a lazy ongoing multi-user glory swap :joy: Some people do take it too seriously, both on the offensive and the defensive side.


I like grinding. Yeah, sure, sometimes (the pits cough) it’s annoying AF, but it’s what I’ve always enjoyed about this game.

More and more, it feels like there is less of a need to either “grind” or “work as a team”. Quests are simple and don’t require backing. Wars are more individual focused than before. Atlas is only team oriented if you actually fly and defend together…

Team building is fun. Finding and herding 50 cats with unique personalities and insanities…keeps things interesting.

I would love to see events that focus more on team participation. I would also love to see runes and riders that augment drop rates…but here’s to dreaming :tumbler_glass:

Cheers, y’all. Carry on :v:

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In tactical games I typically utilize a competitive grinding play style.

Utilizing focused activity and participation to drive competitive play and when my activity and time has value
I will then spend on top of my grinding to offer the most competitive spenders the competition they need to validate their spending.

Currently war dragons does not support my preferred play style as the value of a players activity has never been improved instead they have forced players to seek value within the heavily monetized event cycle!
Sadly reducing this game from a tactical war game to a repetitive resource management game.
And it’s now dependent on a short term event cycle resulting in a narrowing of our play styles!

So I have quit grinding to offer competitive play and it really doesn’t matter because they have yet to provide a actual objective besides growth… lmao
Do you like my spread sheet? :point_up_2::rofl: it’s a little sandy……

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I like the resource planning aspect; serves for some strategy element in this game. Maybe I like it because I seem to do this part better than average, which compensates somewhat for my low piloting skills :sweat_smile: All in all, maybe it is good that the game is multi-faceted, and you can be worse in some aspect but better at another, and still find a way to enjoy it :man_shrugging:

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I will agree completely with you if it had even a ounce of balance between competitive play and the value of our time :man_facepalming::boom:

Drop has not been adjusted in years and it has never seen a adjustment by density!
Yeah I enjoy a dynamic game as well but currently there’s no balance🤷‍♂️

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I think it’s impossible for me to explain what I’d truly like… but I’ll do my best:

I hate Atlas these days. Bots killed the fun, but I do feel bots are necessary as the map is annoying as hell (because it’s so time consuming to find something to hit [because of mega alliances]). Being that almost all teams know before you even touch their castle, you’re usually dead before you can complete your attack. (There are some clueless and/or botless teams out there-- but not many.)

This has made atlas only really fun for me to be defensive! Or, being involved in a huge war so there are sooooo many teams that you have a better shot at getting some hits in.

Main game gets repetitive as hell! I hate pits with a passion (as I find it the most repetitive and pointless); and wish the economy would be adjusted so that we’d have the others (CC, TR, and G) as a repetitive 3.

IF there were ways to make new events that were fun and engaging and that felt less repetitive, or at least, more strategic, then it would be nice to see new things implemented but after seeing KW2.0 and 3.0, I’m doubtful of such things.

My main complaint, however, revolves around game/life balance. A game, for funsies, should not leave a person so anxiety-ridden that they don’t want to sleep because they’re afraid castles may be lost overnight. That’s sooooo unhealthy, so I wish there was a magic way to ensure your stuff couldn’t be touched while you sleep (but that’s impossible being that this is an international game, so I’m not sure how one could solve this.) I still say if there were better ways of getting the bonuses that come along with castles (Atlas research perhaps) so that once you put in the work you always have them, then we could play more offensively and have a more wild and aggressive play style since the only reason people want castles is for the benefits anyway and people get tied to their benefits. So if you supply them another way to have benefits then I think people would be more okay with capturing castles and trying to use the leaderboards in the way it’s supposed to be-- try to have as many castles as possible but they don’t have the benefits associated. So if you lose one overnight, you can just attempt to get a new one in the morning/daytime. Turnover would be much more frequent but that, to me, would be more of the point of the game-- kinda like a PvP event for atlas.

mine is silenced

Isn’t that what shields are for?

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Depends on what level of castle you have and how long the shield lasts and how long you like to sleep. A game shouldn’t dictate how much sleep you get.

And, I personally never want to bubble. Too vulnerable during a cooldown.

that is a choice, why have the higher level land?? because the eggs and pocket gems will not adjust the main games eggs and remove from land because then no one wants them

Yeah in general I agree the burden of play is high on castle defense, but also if a team does not have a semi-pro 24/7 watchmen rotation, maybe they should not take t5 castles? Solving this with sleep deprivation is not healthy indeed. I know I am casual, so I do not want anything above t2.

well the eggs are needed at end game, that is because pg made them so high

I don’t know for everyone, but as for me, if I cannot sleep, then screw the eggs and screw that game :joy:

its more or less their teams choice of sleep, why because pg had made it that way to be competitive and to get a way higher egg return

It seems kinda like castles are the problem :fire::european_castle::fire:……:smiling_imp::rofl:

Defense as the only rewarded objective :rofl::rofl::rofl:
In a 24 hour a day game …… :man_shrugging:

Just posting it makes it sound stupid and that’s because it is …… lmao

they are the problem, need good gear hit castles, but then the others lose sleep, then, becoming pirates eventually has its toll which you have to have in order to stay end game

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Is there such a thing as forum farmer playstyle?Sir malik seems to be one.I respect him though