What kind of season themes would you like to see in the future?

One of my favorite parts of each season (perhaps second only to finding out about the season dragons themselves) is seeing what the season theme will be. The game’s context of dragons offers a pretty versatile canvas for the art and design teams to make some really cool creations, so I can’t help but find myself getting excited about any upcoming season theme well in advance of its release.

There are so many cool possibilities for seasons in the future. What kind of themes would you like to see? I think my main hope is for a sort of Native American spirit animal theme one of these seasons. It would definitely offer a really cool aesthetic for the art team to work with

I know I’m opening myself up to some silly replies, but I’d love to find out what excites other players!


Life on the farm.

Can you imagine a flying pig?


I cannot.

I can, however, imagine a cow jumping over a moon. So you may be on to something!

I’m actually torn.

There are a lot of less-well-known mythologies that would lend themselves well to interesting dragons/riders, and even interesting base redesigns (like in Duskfall). But doing a season based on a mythology or culture that very few players are familiar with might also be a negative, since people are less likely to be able to connect with them in the sense of “Oh, yeah, I know about X.”

That said, using the more widely known ones has its advantages here. If they lean heavily on the more popular mythologies, PG can get a lot of people interested and excited in a way that they might not otherwise. From what I’ve seen, the playerbase is concentrated in a handful of countries, and picking figures from the popular mythologies in those countries has worked well. On the flip side, it can also lean towards the repetitive - do we want more dragons based on Greek/Roman themes, for example?

I’m not sure what would be best.


Every time I ever see dragons with Baldr’s design all I ever think of is a flying rock pig

We’ve had Norse, We’ve had lots of Egyptian dragons, we have the Roman gladiator themed season so I think it’s time for a Greek Mythology theme

  • Greek Mythology
  • Big Cats (we need a snow leopard and a black panther dragon)
  • The many costumes of Chunk (most important) :chunk::chunk::chunk:

I do miss though when each of the dragons followed around a seasonal theme as well. I liked when all the winter dragons had some kind of wintery theme. They dont have to be ice element but they could still have fur or have some kind of ice/snow/wing visual effect


I personally would like to see a season that is themed on/around the Day Of The Dead celebration. anyone else ?


Aliens/predator movie themed.


Hindu mythology
Lol science based dragons, like a physics dragon, bio dragon, and a chem dragon…lol Im loosing it i need sleep.
Idk I’d like a lot of cultures to be apart of something at the same time. Like a goddess theme that incorporates many goddesses from around the world, or soemthning like that…idk🤷‍♂️ Im sleep deprived studying physics…I’ll finish this after my test…or maybe not…who knows


Cyborg dragons

I cannot


It is also pink, so should be powerful :joy:


I can’t imagine a new theme without making it look ridiculous. Somehow ikea is always popping and now the image of flying cabinets got stuck on my mind :rofl:


That was a lot of words to say nothing. :rofl:



A magic freaking dragon that brings home timers on every run. Yep. That is what I need.


oink oink

When it dies, it should rain bacon over the base


Well, Roman and Greek myth are pretty much the same but having a pure Greek mythology themed season would be nice. That’s also my favorite kind of mythology so there’s that.

A galactic or space themed season may also be pretty cool. A bug themed season also sounds cool. (Unless you’re like me and hates bugs more than anything, yet here I am suggesting a bug themed season🤷)

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:eyes: Bugs. :eyes: Bugs?! BUGS!!! :scream:

Yeah, we need more beasts, like Jura.


We need an entire spider themed season for @Arelyna
Maybe a spider dragon that shoots out spiders

Spider bomb spell that “freezes” towers it hits by trapping them in spiderwebs with small spiders crawling all over them. Or just fire a spell that is a cluster of tiny spiders that explodes, raining spiders all over everything. Hmm, yes I think she’d appreciate flying these dragons during streams


:rofl::rofl: :rofl:

Only if there will be a PINK spider!