What league gets atlas

My team just got promoted to plat 4 so do we get atlas?

I wouldn’t hold your breath… (Not even all of Plat 1 has it.)

no, pg has no intention of adding more teams that just promote that soon
since they just released it to a lot of teams, you gotta wait till next atlas expansion

They are doing it by batch. The last major expansion was last year as far as I remember. The safest bet would be to reach Sapphire and hold it for half a year if you can.

Anyone else laugh a little reading this? Plat 4 was never given atlas to begin with, less than half of plat 1 got it 2 weeks ago

My initial thoughts were “Oh, the innocence of this question…”


Atlas is only available to Diamond, Sapphire, and half of Platinum 1 right now (P1 teams already selected so working up to P1 won’t get you Atlas right now anyway either).

There are no plans to expand beyond that as of yet. Check back in a few months.

I actually think there are plans, but I don’t think they have any dates and are likely more than a month out.

Based on issues I saw in forums, line groups and Facebook groups it seemed to be the best rollout to date and they could easily accelerate the rollout. (They almost doubled the amount of teams in Atlas overnight and most of the onboarding issues look like issues with the new update)

But I think it will be a while as the last set of changes have a lot of things needing fixed, and new land has yet to be released, of which a lot of things are dependent on.

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