What Makes a Post “Productive”?

Ok. Generally I can’t, no matter how hard I might try, find fault with PGCrisis. Just can’t.
But today a not-very-nice post by @Grumpybigbird was locked.
True, he might have chosen a more diplomatic way of voicing his displeasure with the status quo. But diplomacy, up until now, has generally yielded zero results.
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the textbook definition of insanity, right? So, why maintain the gentle approach and diplomatic verbiage? It hasn’t brought about any result.
Which brings me to the definition of “productive.”

Achieving or producing a significant result.

While I’m not saying that his post may not have been the best choice, the kindler gentler ways have also not been productive.

Perhaps clarification would be helpful. It’s certainly welcome.


I was merely asking if the PG employees felt proud about where they worked. They chose not to answer. Tells me a lot.

But good question Jen. Because all the posts with suggestions and issues about the game get ignored. So what does productive mean?

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Hey ChefJen,

In my mind, a post can find productivity if there are suggestions for improvement within them. Posts that are created for the sole purpose to breed inflammatory remarks and increase negativity are the opposite of that.

I try not to close threads that criticize PG if they are presented with constructive ways on how to improve, or at least come from a place that is meant to find solutions, to move forward. Threads that are created without this purpose are superfluous at best and dramatic at worst. Energy is best spent on productive posts that have actionable outcomes, even ones that I can report back to the team and begin discussions around.


There’s that word again.


Waste of time, man


Yeah I know.

And yet nothing. Ever. Gets. Done.

Again I say: words mean little. Actions mean much.

The last great thing PG did for the game that I can recall that was a solution to a major problem was the league restructure. And it was a year ago. And it was half-assed.

Everything else has been content.

We have grown jaded and discontent and no longer care what PG has to say.


Then we can talk about moving forward.


So posts like “show us pictures of your pets” are productive?

Why not see Grumpy’s words as satire? You can actually learn A LOT if you listen. It’s very direct in its criticism.
And by the way… suggestions how to improve things have been give often. Especially in the past week(s) but also months and years.
Satire usually grows out of a problem that keeps getting ignored.


I know they do. This does not mean that unproductive and inflammatory threads will exist here on the Forums. The majority of folks on the Dragons team don’t frequent the forums to do just that - taking action.

Off topic threads are off topic for a reason.

Toxic environment creates a toxic community

Thank you for the clarification! I like that you said that you try to not shut down a post just because it has anti-PG sentiment.
I can relate. I don’t like it when my team members tell me about myself. I would, naturally, prefer to only hear how awesome I am.
But after over three years here, I’ve learned that the compliments rarely show me opportunities for growth. And the criticisms are more valuable because if I act on them, I keep from losing team mates.
I’d like to think that PG views their relationship with players in much the same fashion.


Show us action. Show us a better playing experience, not just more things to buy. Action would not breed hostility or malcontent to the extent we are witnessing here.

We don’t see action. We see empty words and apathy.

I challenge you @PGCrisis, here and now:

Take one thing, be it xp caps or sapphire wall or atlas or any of it. Champion it, push your team to make a significant change that benefits player experience and fosters growth.

Watch this player base rally around you and PocketGems. Watch what happens.


I agree with you! We’re on the same page here, Suav. I can’t wait to see what the team develops for the game in the future, and I’m not talking about new Dragons or towers. Real change for the game is something I would love to see for the betterment of basically every person involved with it.

Now, can I, Crisis, roll up my sleeves, punch some code around, and say, “Look! It’s done!”? Nope. I don’t know the first thing about it. The folks who do are on it, and when there’s more to share, I’ll be the one rolling up MY sleeves to shout it from the rooftops. Fiddler style.




Well the problem is nothing will change,nothing will be done. We will see more towers,and more tiers. All we get is lip service,so how about getting some of these genius designers to come on here,and explain why everything sucks?

So move Grumpys post to off topic then.

One was off topic. I was very deliberate in where I put stuff.

The post asking PG employees if they were proud was in general as that’s where it needs to be as it pertains to official communications. I wanted an answer from employees.

Believe me, I understand that everyone is angry and rightfully so but I’m so over the “nothing is ever gonna change” and “nobody cares” comments or just bitching in general without any input on how to make it better/different.

So you say, but they’ve been on it for a long time and there’s nothing to share with the community about improvements to the experience since the last half-implemented improvement from last year?

We fly every day. Some spend every week. Why can there not be something on the horizon for us to look forward to beyond an ever-stretching road to the next tier of dragons or the next plateau of tower levels?

Inform us. Excite us. Give us updates. What are you working on? How will it improve the experience?

Why isn’t there more to share? The lack of information and inspiration passed down breeds boredom, apathy, bitterness, and contempt because there seems to be nothing of substance.

Please give us something.