What mythic are you going for?

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I want to get invoker because I missed out on getting naja but the warrior looks stellar who should I go for?


Quasar cuz he flys cool, almost as cool as faf.


Let me find the videos of them

Quasar for my perch :blush:


I am going for both, cuz I have saved lots of rubies!

But I will get Quasar first. My Gig has gone obsolete, and I love mythic warriors. They are a very reliable kill for same tier bases, and they just blow stuff up.

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Quasar for me too.

neither bubbles nor the space hanky appeal to me very much. might as well play less and give away season keys next season…


@BL0ODWISER I think you should wait until players start to play them and do videos about them.

But personally i was hesitating for quite some time until Tuesday and i choose Ikaros, i explain my choice:

I really like challenging myself and try hard on really high level bases and just blow up everything, it feels more rewarding to play Hauheset and win with 70% than win with 100% with Gig, i always choose skill-based dragons.

But, i have more runes for warriors and Quasar seems really strong with his spell-set, it’s an easy dragon to fly and it have a lot of pros that skill-based dragons will never have according to their nature. Either way i have to craft a new gear for them. They both look really good, even if Ikaros have a blue AND a red spell it does not affect his viability at all. So i was really undecided, therefore i had to study them and i watch their showcase videos.

Quasar is a war machine that deal massive damages, and dodge everything, his breath attack ramp up really fast and his spells are easy to use and really efficient. The main things that require skill about him are:
-you have to be careful with your rage,
-you have to carefully manage the cooldowns and durations of his spells.

Ikaros is a skill-based dragon that require your focus during all the run, you have to keep in mind everything, the layout of the base, the different effects of all the spells, you have to manage the cooldowns and the duration of his spells AND his ammo. But his limits are very very high, you can almost do every bases like Hauheset. Defensers will not help this much to save the base, if you fly him at his best potential he almost have no limits. Plus i think it will be one of the fastest invokers we ever had.

With all of that i decided to take Ikaros to challenge myself plus i realize that i can take runes of my old invokers, even if i still play them. So i took him for his play-style, because i have somme good runes that really suits him and because he look beautiful!

I hope it will help you ^^


I might go for Quasar for his looks (he is beautis) and his massive damage output. He may eventually end on my perch cause I already got almost maxed elite fire gear set.

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Quasar for ma perch

Ikaros as im retiring noctarn so there’s a mythic set waiting for him


:face_vomiting: that drag has terrible graphics

I’m probably going with Ikaros. Yes it has some issues that make it worse for anyone below endgame tier but it looks like fun to fly, fairly unique although not crazily so. Hopefully challenging to fly although probably just the normal awkwardness of tap-placement that comes with a lot of invokes.

quasar probably because i am terrible an invokers. actually would have rather skipped this season, but I skipped last season and was out of supplied. Bought calavore with rubies, so if quasar is a total dud, at least I’ll have one decent mythic …

I will go for the best one :grin: :joy:

So I will have to wait and see how they behave on real bases with capable hands/flyer :innocent:

Probably Ikaros simply because Quasar looks unplayable against maxed towers and long kill islands if defenders join. And Im primarily a warrior user

Well we all saw this outcome from space

confrontation between the two mythics on the same basis with two defenders :facepunch:t2:


That depends entirely on which one you think will better suit your flying style, or which one is more enticing to you in ways that the other is not.

Quasar ftw :partying_face: