What of the maximum number of debuff of an attacking team can get in an enemy castle?

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What is a maximum number debuff of an attacking team can get at an enemy castle ?
For example : Level 2 castle defence power is 252 ,if 10 Siegers Silver 2 level 25 with debuff -15 each . ( 10 x (-15 ) = -150 ). After Debuffed the castle level 2 defence power will be dropped down 52 .
What about 20-30 Siegers Silver 2 Level 25 in same level 2 castle ? Will the castle be lost all of Defnece Power ?
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Max debuff that can be achieved on a castle is equal to the fort buff on that castle. So in the above example, for a T2 with Lev 3 fort, it would be 60. The fort DP would go down to 192 and not below it no matter how many non-5TA siegers we place on the castle. The first four S2 siegers would provide this debuff and there would be no debuff from siegers 5-10.

Similarly, max debuff on a T3 with a Lev 6 fort would be 120, on a T4 with a Lev 9 fort would be 180 and a T5 with a Lev 12 fort would be 240.

The debuff cannot be greater than the buff which is provided by the fort.


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