What Other Games Do People Play?

So does anyone else play any other games that are less… stagnant/dull/expensive? I’m a fan of Ark: Survival Evolved and I suppose I’m mainly trying to bring friends from this game with me when we eventually move on after WD croaks.

Totally open to other suggestions/games that people enjoy playing. All thoughts and opinions are welcome!


Honestly, I’ve lost interest in most of the games I used to play.
I love Skyrim… but one of the mods I added messed stuff up and now I’m afraid to try and fix it :rofl:
Subnautica is super good!!! It’s been updated since I last played. So much content now. Open-world survival game on an alien planet covered entirely in water, plus a developing plot about an alien virus.
Other than that… not a lot. I’m broke and games are expensive. :grimacing: :t_rex:


Monster Hunter World is pretty fantastic. My problem is I usually end up playing war dragons instead…


I play a bunch of games on xbox way cheaper than WD with way less bugs and money grabs


That’s my problem with everything I do :rofl: :t_rex:


Eve Online.


MHW was fun but got old quick for me. every monster was pretty much the same and easy to take out

My entire xbox one sits on my dresser and looks sad all day… let alone skyrim


Is it worthwhile after this long? You know, to they have a catch-up mechanism? Not like other game that we know…

Yes. To both questions.

But also, the progression is geometric, so you get almost to the end faster than the end is moving.


Just old console game.
And broke it to pieces when I got bored :see_no_evil:

Red dead redemption 2 !!


Sword of chaos, granny, plauge Inc, and the game 24

Stardew valley and restaurant dash with Gordon Ramsay. I don’t need a team to play them. One team of 50 people is enough lol

Terraria with lots of fun mods(e.g. Calamity, Thorium, etc), Kings Raid, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon(if you have a Nintendo 3DS or better), there’s a couple other games that I can’t remember

Star wars galaxy of heroes and Simpsons tapped out are other games I play on my phone.

I started Tap Tap Dragon Life a few weeks ago.

You probably have it too, you just don’t know it.

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The main thing I do apart from playing war dragons is watch YouTube and sometimes play a little clash of clans.

I’m also suprised that nobody said fortnite seeing how popular it is.

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They’re too busy playing.