What Other Games Do People Play?


Both :crazy_face:
Yes, it’s a very interesting game. Some intriguing dialoge and world design. :t_rex:


I freaking LOVE that series! Never finished Breah of the Wild though… Got all the guardians unlocked but kinda stopped playing :laughing: War Dragons kinda sucked me back in…


I didn’t play WD for a solid week when BotW came out. That game is still one of my favorites of all time. Then again, I don’t play many games. Wish I could play more.


I had a passion for hunting down horses that were the right color but with the best stats… My favorite horse is black with a grey mane and tail. I forget what the stats were though. The combo was one of the best ones to have in the game.

(It took me hours to find the right one :laughing:)


I eventually found one of the two patches that spawn the best horses. Don’t remember where though. I have way too many hours in that game though. Somewhere around 250 hours


If anyone finds an alternate mobile game to play when I’m supposed to be working hmu.


:eyes: it’s not a game, but these forums fit that bill for me :shushing_face:


I most definitely spend more time on the forums. Much more entertaining, social, and rewarding. Just look at the most recent thread! Absolutely chaotic! :crazy_face: :t_rex:


And don’t forget, absolutely free! And nothing to be tempted to buy!


Agree. Somewhat relevantly to recent discussions, it’s been completely free to play from day 1; revenue comes entirely from cosmetics. (They added some stat tracking stuff you can pay for, too.)

This allows for some actual Cinderella stories, e.g. there is a celebrated player who, when he started playing, couldn’t actually afford a desk, so he put his computer on a pile of junk propped up with some books. Ten years later, his team won the big annual tournament; his personal take was ~$1.2m. Think he can afford a desk now. :+1:


Sounds awful lot like some one from team Liquid, but I am not sure about not being able to afford the desk part :thinking:


I recommend either playing while not killing anything, or grinding so much you kill everything :P. Cool soundtracks imo, for Undertale at least. Haven’t tried Delta Rune.

@hellraptor If you want some good old fashioned cringe, check it’s tag on tumblr :wink:


Been there, done that… :cold_sweat: :t_rex:


Having the thread be about what to do when “I eventually move on after WD croaks” is not really the best way to go about this.