What permission does the game ask for?


Now, in general, the “storage” permission, which is the only one that was requested, is quite common. A majority of apps have this permission, because they cannot function without it. The game APK is not self-contained, so in order to do anything, it needs to be able to access the storage. Specifically, this permission means the ability to read and write data from the storage — both internal and external.

If you deny this permission, the game will not function.

The components of the game that you cannot control permissions for (normally), should you disable them, cause the game to tell you that it lacks the permission necessary to run. It doesn’t request any permissions, just states that it does not have the needed permissions. Odd, since the one is has asked for it does still have.

And I did not click on an ad for this game ever. So, @pgCampusLifer there is no need for my game to be talking to anything else. Yet it does. Why?

As a side note, you once could disable these “components” and everything would work fine until and update. And then you had to do a clean install and disable them again.

Now, the game will not work. Is PG really that concerned about ensuring they pay the ad network or site that referred me? Especially since none did. I don’t see ads. I used to use a plug in that was later banned by Google that both blocked ads and secretly clicked on them. Evil, but so are ads.

Now, I use Pi Hole.

So, why are these components “necessary” when they were not before? Why is information that may be shared not spelled out in the permissions? Why is hardware information possibly being shared (I know it’s being collected) when the permission is for “storage”?

I stand by what I said earlier - - just playing the game makes PG money.

And THAT is why a spending freeze won’t matter.

Disable the game and don’t touch it for 6 weeks.

PG will be ready to talk business if enough people do that (including E2P and F2P). Your data is worth the same price as anyone else’s to the companies that legally collect this information. (Legal, but not, imo, ethical.)

And believe me, the data aggregators have data on everyone. And their largest customer? The US Government. Even my company uses them. But your hardware information was never approved for collection or sharing. I can show PG is collecting it. What is done with it, I don’t know.


Do we need tinfoil hats also ?


Just wrap your phone in three layers of heavy duty foil (not the regular) and you’ll be safe.




See post here: PG -- They make money even if you spend nothing

Adnetworks require that we integrate their SDKs. Otherwise they can’t figure out if they should be paid for installs which they sourced. In the case that someone did not click any ad networks, they SDKs need to verify that with each network that they did not click on any ads to find the app —- and should or should not be paid for sourcing the install.

Unfortunately I haven’t been involved in our android development for multiple years and I don’t remember the specifics of all the permissions.


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