What purpose Do bases serve at this point?

You release harbringer tier, then make bases easier. So now you have max bases that were scaled for obsidian dragons, trying to even scratch Harbringers. Your company is so dumb. The game is so imbalanced and losing any bit of fun that it had by the second. There’s no point of defending because any base will fall and attacking is a god damn stroll in the park.


@PGDave can you elaborate on this and why there are no perches on atlas maps? Again not that it matters because the balance is worse than Kevin Spacey’s internet history

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They’re in development!

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And what about the base strength. Harbringers have such a jump in power that 98% of the game will have undefendable bases even after the tower levels increase. This tier is so muffed up it’s not even funny. It’s not fun when I know my health will never drop below 85% no matter what base or how many defenders. It’s really quite boring

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I’ll leave it to @PGPulse to chime in on that front since he’s the dragon & base expert!

Considering the rebalance and the re-rebalance (both failed, with new tier having such an exponential jump in power) idk if anyone can be an expert. What I do know is that there’s virtually no purpose for anyone to spend on their base. The second anyone gets a maxed mythic harbringer the base is undefendable. This hurts the non max bases more than the max bases. If you’re not willing to dump tens of thousands of dollars into your base then anyone who experts a destar will likely steamroll your base. Not due to skill or strategy, just due to sheer power imbalance and an exponential increase from one tier to the next relative to all tiers prior.

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To further on this point and provide some context. An expert destar cuts through level 60 towers like they’re paper. So I’m a month or two when a fair amount of players have this dragon or dragons of this power level, then anyone with bases of all level 60 towers or lower are basically useless. Meaning that even if you maxed your base right now, it is still worthless because of this.

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Realistically, its in such a weird place. Bases are expensive and yet pretty much worthless at this point so I can’t even begin to say what their thoughts or even if there ARE thoughts. It feels very reactionary with almost zero effort put into forward thinking.

Bases either need to A) Drastically increase in power or B) Greatly reduce in cost. These things combined with the release of a dragon tier with no towers capable of stopping the tier unless the entire base is maxed is leading to the current clusterfuck that you currently see.

@PGPulse Im not quite sure where you saw this as any semblance of “balance” but maybe you can chime in here and explain what you currently see as balance?

Here is what I see, PG makes towers so weak that when they release new (and likely even more expensive) ones, the only way you can stop anything is by having a max base of all these towers…


Don’t think B is going to solve BTGod’s problem of too easy bases. It’ll just make players feel a little bit (very tiny bit) better if they’re bases get flattened.

It’s not just my problem it is everyone’s problem. You should not be able to spell flux through max bases that are defended with a warrior. When a majority have that dragon it will kill the game. May not happen right away but if nothing changes I see this game dead in a month or two

Game balance is at a tipping point and could have been corrected a long time ago. Only answer from a monetary point of view is to keep adding new levels of towers and tiers of dragons. Shame such a unique game has been effed with

I will repost this…if you can look at this in context, the two 2 teams and it took you 52 tries to get 50 bases done, with one being a lost connection. How the hell is that balance? On what planet does that make any sense lol?

@PGPulse talked about “win rate”. Even with the dropped connection, 96.15%…that is a reasonable “win rate”, what a joke.

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Get ready for the Great Nerf of 5.0 (dragon nerf this time)?

In any case it’s hard to solve - if they increase tower levels, players will complain and say too expensive. If they nerf dragons, players will say unfair compensate me.

It’s almost like they need to reboot the game and change EVERYTHING all at once. Not one bit at a time.

Increase the levels but not increase the cost…or add something like 24 hour timers or possibly increase 12 hour drops to greater than 15…which it was TWO YEARS ago.

They can 100% nerf dragons. All they need to do is nerf the harbringer tier. Look I have all of them and am a massive advocate of their power being drastically reduced. It’s just NOT fun. Now think about wars. You need one player on each team with a max harbringer and he or she can back everyone and you’ll end up with close to 50 defense points given up. And then we’re right back to what was happening before tie breakers and defense points were established. It’s not a tough fix, it’s taking time because pg is trying to figure out how to best monetize whatever decision they make instead of making a decision for the sake of improving their product.

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Panda - are you secretly a N-1 proponent!? @EidolonRM Panda’s on board!

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One issue I believe is their design departments aren’t working in lock step - base/towers and dragons. They need to all be considered together and it just feels like its not. Otherwise 4.0 would never have happened in conjunction with Harbs being released.


Which comes down to the developers having a dedicated group of beta testers and continually choosing to not use them for testing outside of Atlas, which in my opinion is completely absurd.


I don’t think n-1 is the worst idea. It depends on what the “-1” is, 10%? Sure, makes sense, if each tier is 50% of the cost then absolutely not.

You would also have to scale prizing higher at the upper end too in order to make that work. In addition, certain “buffs” should not be solely just what is purchased.

In either case, at the moment bases are fucking stupid lol. They nerfed it for no other reason that likely to try and force the sale of the next tier.

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This is how disconnected PG developers are from the game. Bases incredibly weak and expensive, while dragons are immensely overpowered so let’s make dragons even stronger. Yep you can’t even make this stuff up anymore.