What Pvp event do you want to get rid off?

Lets say you get the chance to kill off one of the current PvP events… which would it be?

Kill THIS one!!
  • Kingdom wars
  • Fight pits
  • Gauntlet
  • Temple raid

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KW! KW! KW! KW! KW! Just kill it


I don’t agree with this quiz.
I’m not a fan of removing any PvPs, even if I’m not huge on some.


I think I like Fight Pits the least. It has some of the worst elements of all of the PvPs. Its focused around being on at the right time, which hurts more casual players, or people who are busy. It is focused around mega coins (and therefore spending). And its super repetitive.

Temple Raid is fun because it breaks up the gameplay. You get to fly older dragons, as well as doing standard PvP. It can get monotonous as the event goes on, but that goes for any PvP event.

Gauntlet is kind of awful for many reasons, but I like it better than Fight Pits for one key reason: Auto-Battle. Time and motivation tend to be my key limiting factors in events, and auto-battling my way to points solves that. I can do better in this event than any others because of that. (The event still sucks though, it has you competing against your own team for most of the event. Its fairly spender focused since you have to blast megas at the PvP islands, and its even worse when it comes to having to be on at the right time, since you absolutely have to be on the moment the PvP island pops up).

And I actually like Kingdom Wars. Its one of the few events that’s not won solely based on team spending. Good strategy, team activity and team coordination do a lot to help you win in this event. As a team, I have found that our team tends to do better in this event than any other PvP event for those reasons. I get why people hate it, and there probably is some more work to be done on this event, but I personally really like it.


Remove KW, it’s a nightmare😅

Bring back capture the flag :pleading_face:
I want the little flags on my base again.


Dont they they will kill anything off because of this poll :wink: But it might let pg know what event that needs some work…or if they ever want to replace one with a new one, this will give them an idea on which one to replace it with. Or simply a poll to please my curiosity…

I honestly feel like there needs to be at least 2 more pvps added before we start removing any, the rotation is too short as it is right now.
At the end of last year we were told in a stream that pg was working on two new pvps and that we were suppose to see at least one of them this year. I’m not sure if everyone just forgot but I would love to know what’s going on with them and if we are actually going to see either of them anytime soon.
I would honestly love to see some of the old events brought back, at least until new ones are released, so we have more variety.


I have heard Galileo say somewhere that they are working on new PvP. So there is at least one that is being created.


When KW was out, the rotation of FP, G, and TR was really tedious. A better question would be “what would you like to see for a new event?”. Can’t really formulate that as a poll, though.


I agree, don’t get rid of any, just add one or 2 more so the rotation is longer and there is more variety.


YES. :point_up_2: I don’t really like any of them at this point because the rotation is too small. Two new events, even if not any better would help things feel less repetitive.


I wouldn’t mind bringing back KOTH


I just want to see the “See vote results” button.


56% dislike Kingdom Wars the most
40% Fight Pits
3% Gauntlet
1% Temple Raid

Bring back Capture the Flag!!!

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I thought Capture the Flag was far superior to Fight Pits.

Would love to see Kingdom Wars die a fiery death and the remains thrown into a wood chipper. I hate that event more than any other we’ve had. However if they killed it then it would need to be replaced with something (not capture the flag). It has been way too long since they introduced a new pvp event. I’d much rather see them working on a new event rather than spending so much time repeatedly trying to fix a bad event that few people like and have been asking to be removed for years


It’s sampling bias, I say! Seriously, though, although it is clearly not popular with the forum posting crowd, no one on my two teams complains about KW. The most complaints we get are for Temple Raid when someone triggers a guardian at an unscheduled time (yeah, we try to schedule them to get maximum participation), or from Gauntlet when people can’t get PvP runs in. No one complains about Fight Pits or KW.

See my team enjoys TR and Gauntlet and hates KW and FP

They pretty much fixed this with the faster pve cycling. Yeah it sucks to not get the max possible points per hit but those points are super easy to make up now by doing a couple extra runs using just energy. I’ve been doing far better in Gauntlet since they changed the respawn time and doing extra runs on a pve island with no inners. 199k used to be my Gauntlet goal but now I shoot for 409k. Auto attack and Krelos are a Gauntlat godsend

Edit: I would however like to see them add a way to complete guardian runs faster because that does start taking a lot of time. Like if your team has already cleared that island before then you’d get a auto-complete button you could use to clear the guardians. It takes 15-20 minutes just to clear them all, we needs a Krelos for all tiers

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