What runes should I put on Ettin?

I just got Ettin this breeding event and was wondering what runes to put on him? I have a lot of rare and epic rage and cloak runes, and one or two for healing mark. Or should I boost his cannon resist? I’m really a newbie to this game so it would be great if someone could advise me on which runes to put on him- I don’t want to make mistakes by using runes and glyphs that would be more useful later in the game ;-;


I’d suggest to leave the good rune for seasonal dragons as they can be useful much longer.

That said, rare rage should be fine, as it’s pretty common. Healing mark can be useful too, though when it’s near gold, saving them for Cons is better (or Avyx if you have)

Nothing not even a rare rune

I slapped a wisdom rune on mine, because it takes quite a lot of XP to level these big green guys at low level, don’t regret it.

Healing mark runes are definitely good, but given the limited useful lifespan of any line dragon (even a pretty good one like Ettin) I wouldn’t use anything better than rare.

Cloak runes are pretty meh, so you might as well slap one on if you feel like it. You can always dust it later.

Cannon resist runes seem pretty sensible. They don’t do much, but they’ll only get less and less useful as you level up and cannons get less common.

Save rage runes for dragons that will last a long time and really need the rage.

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@Xexamedes @OrcaFrost @Fire4865 Thanks for the advice, I’ll take it into consideration :slight_smile:

get healing mark runes/glyphs ( common/rare/ epic if you have quite a few ). you don’t need cloak from my experience.
rare rage is fine, but not really required imo. And wisdom, if you are in a hurry. you would have quite some time in green so wisdom is not a must.

I wouldnt spend any rune dust on Ettin, save that for seasonal dragons that you get most/all the stones for.

However, if you put some rare runes on him and leave them at level 1, you can destroy them off your dragon for the same amount of dust back as if you destroyed them in your storage.

Healing Mark (best choice), Wisdom, and Rage would all work for Ettin.

I think rare and common runes should be fine. I wouldn’t use any glyphs personally. But if you are lacking in in general might want to consider saving them. I didn’t put any runes on my Ettin and still loved him, but @Jonesy is the expert on this topic

Thanks for all the useful advice, I’ll keep it in mind :slight_smile:

The best runes are NO runes :slight_smile:
If u want to equip something, well ONLY common runes. thats all !! Save all Epic / Legen / Mythic runes for the Divines

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