What runes to put on neptus

So I’ve just got neptus and I am having a little trouble setting runes for him. Obviously you throw the mythic fury rune on him but from there the trouble starts.

He doesn’t really need rage runes as the spells are white. It doesn’t hurt of course but is there anything better. Wisdoms for he short term maybe? Second neptus fury for the extra damage?

Leos health rune is out of the question for me unfortunately.

Does anyone have any suggestions at all?? Cheers in advance

I suppose you meant to say because he only has two spells which cost only 1 rage each and have a cooldown so they can‘t be spammed?
The color doesn‘t influence the rage cost.

I‘ve been thinking about the same thing.

Since rage is the only thing that works for him as Glyphs, I will go with 3x Rage Glyphs (primary or secondary rage).
Ice Turret Resist Glyphs, if you have any, don‘t seem to be worth it for the small added %.

For his Runes (ignoring the fact, that you can save his attack runes and put them on another dragon), I guess it makes the most sense to use his mythic and legendary attack Runes (Neptus‘ Fury) to use his full attack power potential.
If you lead with him a lot and eat mage supershots, it can also make sense to put a Rage Rune on him instead of the Legendary Fury or the Mythic HP Rune from Leos if you had it.

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That is what I meant exactly. It’s far too early in the day for me haha

I’m thinking rage too but it seems so inefficient.
But I get the feeling it’s gonna be that or wisdoms

For important dragons that I want to level quickly, I usually slap a Rare Wisdom Rune on them and once they are capped, I swap it out for a useful Rune :slight_smile:


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