What’s in Version 4.95.1?

What changed? There were no release notes, no announcement…

Squrl’s nut got into the network and started a cascade of events Ice Age-style.


I’m sorry, are you surprised?

They made a hotfix for winterjol dragons, that’s what prob changed the version

I updated and now being kicked a lot :sleepy:
With any action, if it’s atlas or event tab or just opening matchmaking :woman_shrugging:
And atlas forced downloading all 520 files which I haven’t seen for a couple of months now :sweat_smile:

No. The hotfix has been there before I installed the update. Most likely stability reason

The game keeps locking up,and I was told I would receive gifts and reimbursement I never got

@Crisis @Arelyna What’s the deal with 4.95.1? What’s in it?

4.95.1 had some translation fixes and removed the flags that were with the game languages.

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