What’s Jaalkan’s counterstrike spell cooldown?

Hello wonderful forum people, I’m a bit confused about Jaalkan’s spell cooldown and it would be great if someone could clear things up for me. At the beginning of the season Jaalkan’s counterstrike cooldown was presented as 1.5 seconds, which could be reduced to 0 with runes. However, I saw some people using all 3 of Jaalkan’s runes even though the epic rune should be worthless with the legendary and mythic already on him, so I checked the Neon site and it said 2.5 seconds was the cooldown. Some clarity about this would be much appreciated before I commit to a mythic for the season.

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It no longer goes to zero. It’s quite a long CD if you don’t have all 3 runes equipped. Requires meticulous timing.

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The cooldown was at 1.5sec at the time of the season preview and then changed to 2.5sec (probably last minute)

Counterstrike cooldown: 2.5 seconds
Equip mythic glyph: 1.5 seconds
Equip mythic and legendary: 1 second
Equip mythic, legendary and epic: 0.75 seconds

Most people use either just the mythic or both mythic and legendary (depends on your flying style)
Epic is pretty much worthless because the 0.25 seconds make no big difference and you better be using another rune like ammo or rage


Thanks for the help!

You can find that kind of data here :slight_smile:

This site is the most convenient way to get dragon, spell, tower and rune data quickly. The home page also has some other link to some of the other great resources made by players.


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