What’s Next event

What’s the next event?:male_detective:

:man_shrugging: Who knows?

Not like they aren’t releasing a new tower or anything…


Edit: Image says Fort Frenzy

Ice Flak??? The next event is unknown…hint: lack of lumber

Rats, I forgot /sarcasm :rofl:

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No, I lazy and slow :stuck_out_tongue:

I thinks next event is Fortification :+1:

I have no reason to argue with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Noooo, I’m sure it will be pvp so we can all test the new ice flak… (sarcasm)

Of course it’s going to be fort. No brainer.

What is pvp :thinking:

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Player vs player like conquer the world last week

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Did we just have conquered the word? Is it different?

Yes, we just had conquer the world. It was a player vs player event. Non PVP events are: Breeding, Fortification, and Feeding (when it comes around).

I think the next event will be Dragon Games.

Mix it up a bit. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Or Fortification.

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