What’s the average sigils u get per 10 chests?

Need to kno ASAP , can’t decide to spend my rubies or not?? I need this info anybody ?

I think it’s about 1k per 10 chests.

108 per chest in average. 1080 for 10.


Open some, and count how many you can get :wink:


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I would like to point out that the type of chest is not specified; though I would guess that most are correctly assuming OP is inquiring of super sigils chests.

Nah, the page contains Bronze, Gold, and Super sigil :grin:

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Oh, I am well aware of the volume of info on that page; good job covering all bases :+1:
Just pointing out that OP may want to be more specific or risk getting innacurate answers (From players without a ready web page :yum:)

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I know supposedly it isn’t rng but my buddy was averaging around 700 to 800 per 10 where I only opened 20 total and averaged 1700 per 10

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No, no you didn’t. The absolute maximum you can get from 20 chests is 2975, with a sequence like

1000 125 25 75 50 125 25 250 75 50
125 25 75 50 500 125 25 75 50 125

No, no he wasn’t. The absolute lowest you can get from 10 chests is 825 with a sequence like

25 75 50 125 25 250 75 50 125 25

Long term average is 108 per chest however, as others have mentioned. With 90 chests you’re guaranteed to hit that average.


Didn’t screen shot mine but he got several like this so yeah 825 per 10 my 20 had 1000 plus several 250 per 10 didn’t keep to close a tab on mine after seeing the 1000s lol.

825 on that one, the next one would be at least 1050 again because it has two legendary drops. Averaging 700-800 is not possible in the sequence, even with just 20 chests you always go over 900.

Why do people still insist on using their poor memories vs the chest predictor? :man_shrugging:


Was guestimating so instead of 700 to 800, 800 to 900 then.

Well to be fair I didn’t implement super sigils in the predictor, since the pattern is pretty easy to read manually, and there’s not much you can do to influence it anyway.

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I don’t doubt orca and morreion could say for certain, but I would guess that 1k chest still has a pretty heavy influence on averages.

It does, also the two 500-drops are pretty close to it. So if you’re unlucky you can open 50 chests with 900 sigils average. If you’re lucky, you can open 40 chest with nearly 1300 average. And if you’re very lucky you can open just 10 chests and still get 1800 sigils.

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