What’s the point of treasure hunt?

I mean I understand what it’s supposed to be but whenever you do 7 invader runs in a row and blow up every boat and tower and bridge to not seee one bronze chest I believe it’s completely messed up and should be called something else!!!

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It has historically been asked for to have improvements made!
Yep we have suggested many many things to possibly encourage activity and improve the hunt phase!
Currently it still translates to take the night off ! :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


I think they want to make everyone that they can unhappy and not want to play this game anymore!!!


Would be nice to have double drops during treasure hunt.

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Improved drop density +2 per monument has been suggested along with the classic cry to increase drop% per run.
Adjusting % is highly volatile and massively impacts the economy versus adjusting density where it can be more easily adjusted and bracketed by level allowing drop to be tuned .
So we see improvement at the lowest and highest levels of play!

Why? Because we are having player retention and drop issues across the board.

PG try actually valuing a players activity!
Yes no matter their level or play style!
Ummm one play style doesn’t make a diverse healthy growing game! :man_shrugging:

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That is quite the exaggeration there. I do not think that is their intention with this at all. Then again, I’m not sure why people form this speculation that they are trying to push players away; it would not be good for business.

While Treasure Hunt can be quite a bore for most, it is a great time for others to acquire resources for the event. I do understand that there are players who already have a superabundance of resources, and are fully content with what they have, so Treasure Hunt is, in a way, pointless to them; but the Treasure Hunt phase is the optimal time during PvP for those without a superabundance of PvP consumables to get some. Think of it more as a preparation time than an attempt to decrease the amount of players in the game. Not all of us will need it, but most definitely will.

You miss the point dear, its not about superabundant user wait, but he cry about why its called trasure hunt while he didnt receive any chess drop


There is not much speculation left when it comes to drop!
Because pg refuses to adjust the backbone of our economy and instead keeps adding more chest types and increases inflation.
Yep while the value of our activity continues to fall.
Players have gained that speculation by watching play styles dwindle!

And with all the grinders and activity based play styles giving up and quitting it kinda reinforces it :man_shrugging:
Players didn’t just suddenly adopt that perspective pg has confirmed it!

And I quote!
“This is not a priority at this time “
Pg has created that perspective by devaluation of our activity!

It’s not the players fault pg has had ample feedback and has been told.
Pg has chosen to create and foster that perspective by allowing the economy to continue to run in a unbalanced manner!

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If that is the case, then my answer has changed;

(To the OP :arrow_heading_down:)

Chest drops are completely random, and you are not guaranteed a drop after every single monument is hit.

Well, do you really think that speculation stands to reason when the players are the ones giving PG money? I do not know how things normally go between them, but I would rather keep my source of money than drive it away. Intentionally diminishing the population of the game is bad for business, and I really do not see why they would want to do that.

Then ask them why they only support “ as many play styles as possible “‘end quote
And yep I asked for clarification and was told directly they did not mean they support all play styles!
So from Pgs own mouth they do not support all play styles they support as many as possible which is why we hold that perspective! Because it’s the one pg has given us!

Treasure hunt is a dumpster fire.

Spend 2 hours in the treasure hunt for 78 bronze chests and 3 silver chests.

Spend 2 hours in the event for 1,600+ bronze,120 silver and 10 gold chests at the top end ( 60 x mega attacks )

Down to 318 bronze chests on 60x super attacks or worst case scenario on a budget 60x regular attacks for 138 bronze.

Players who do a few megas and mostly super attacks are looking at 350+ chests for 2 hours.

That is a 430% improvement on the “treasure hunt”

Treasure hunt is actually the worst possible way to earn treasure and its not even close. People who do treasure hunt are really wasting their time.

( based off 1.3 bronze per run 60 runs in 2 hours )

( regular attacks get a +1 bonus chest )

To make the Treasure hunt an actual treasure hunt you need to be averaging 5.59 bronze chests per run to make it equivalent to main game. ( Super attack is 5.3 - and most players do some mega attacks )

Heck make it an average of 6 chests per run so treasure hunt is an actual treasure hunt.

Right now Treasure hunt is just another rest day. No one hunts for treasure because there is no treasure to hunt compared to the event itself.

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I like fire…


Many of my teammates have complained about not seeing chests. I must be lucky. I average 2 bronze chests per Atlas run…but it does get tedious. I can usually do about 10 beast runs before my eyes glaze over. Thankfully, we just had breeding…so I turn on auto pilot and let my dragons level themselves and find me chests. Not really engaging gameplay but it doesn’t bother me either.

@MALIK has a recurring theme of suggestions that reward and encourage activity. He has my vote for class president. Get it done, Mal.


:rofl: :beer: :beer::beer: :beers:

I’d much rather a day off from events and atlas etc.

If it were up to me…

Treasure Hunt attacks would STACK similarly to event runs and WF. After you fly 50 flames worth of runs, you get 1 run with a guaranteed gold chest and increased drop rate. Then everything resets and you start again.

While I dont know the original intent behind it, right now its an extra day that the armory is open and the $$ are flowing in thats it.